Yeh Shaam Mastaani - Karaoke Version music abstract music


Yeh Shaam Mastaani - Karaoke Version

Yeh Shaam Mastani is an all time super hit and well loved oldie. It's from the hindi movie Kati Patang, starring Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh. The voice behind the actor is none other than Kishore Kumar, a legend in the Hindi Film industry.Sing along and enjoy.We love karaoke and to enjoy this fun passtime we use the Mic 3-in-1 Bluetooth Magic Karaoke Wireless Microphones Speaker Q9 For Apple iPhone Android Smartphone PC Music Playing Singing Home KTV (Q9-Gold) which we bought here - Please visit our Facebook Page at: **** ********************************************************************

Victoria Williams

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Conure Artz

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Chiky z

lo que más me gusta del tema fue la parte de zion ¡¡ 👏👏

RubbinsRaisin Gaming

I wonder if they keep in touch with Brodie


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Dylan Ziggy Fox

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assassin gamer 6556

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Jake 24

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Yung Cut Throat

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Mclaren Man


Umer Ahmed

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Fenix Minerva

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Bay Cat

hearing someone donating money to MSKCC (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) warms my heart. they saved my mom twice. thank you guys :)))

Abigail Bell

I know this stabbing pain in your stomach when you feel that sad I felt that pain for many days after my dad died but thank god I had overwhelming support from my family and from people from church and that helped me through the rough time I cried for weeks at night but eventually the whole in my heart for my dad healed and every day I remember him and sometimes I get but I still remember he loved me and I loved him


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DJ Slime

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Lucas Scott

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Christian Martinez

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