Worst Things Halloween Part 3 - Funny Skits // GEM Sisters kxc music music


Worst Things Halloween Part 3 - Funny Skits // GEM Sisters

Halloween funny skits! Worst Things Part 3! The last one is the Worst Of All! Tell us your Halloween Costumes! 🎃 xo, GEM Sisters💎SUBSCRIBE to be in our GEM Squad! 💎DETECTIVES BOOK 2 - Haunted Horse Camp - Click the link for more info: all of our Halloween videos: TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT GEM SISTERS! 💖😍GET A PERSONAL SHOUTOUT FROM GEM SISTERS!!! Click on the link for more info: ⬅️👚 GEM SISTERS MERCH on Amazon : GEM SISTERS FIRST BOOK on Amazon : Sister Detectives : Pup-Napped!🐶😃 JOIN THE GEM SISTERS CLUB! 😃💕GEMS are you excited about Halloween like us? We love eating Halloween candy, and watching Halloween videos for kids. What Halloween costume are you going to wear trick or treating! Tell us!xo, Giselle, Evangeline and Mercedes 💖*******😂 FOLLOW US FOR MORE LAUGHS 😂*******SNAPCHAT - - TOK - gem.sistersFACEBOOK - - - GEMSistersGEM Sisters = Giselle (15), Evangeline (10) & Mercedes (11)We love getting mail from you! Here's our address. 📬GEM SistersP.O. Box 3062Glendale, CA 91221Here's our business email too!business@gemsisters.co✨How to get your video on our GEM SQUAD playlist✨-Make a fan video for GEM Sisters-Upload the video to Your YouTube channel-Put GEM Sisters in the title of the video-Tag GEM Sisters and GEM Squad in the video tags-Tell us you posted a vid in the comments of our latest video🎂BOOST GEM SISTERS ON FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS:bit.ly/FamousBirthdaysGEM🎈And while you're there BOOST Giselle, Evangeline and Mercedes!Produced by MéLisa and Ryun ProductionsOur GEM Sisters channel is all about making you laugh LOL! Funny sisters Giselle, Evangeline and Mercedes who make cute fun family kids videos! We make clean comedy family friendly funny entertainment for girls and boys. For our channel we make humor parody spoof videos, improv, music videos, web series, Musical.ly, Tik Tok, relatable and life hacks, challenges and sometimes Latinx family vlogs. We love to make hilarious sketch comedy videos skits about school, the holidays, Halloween and Christmas. We also love Musically and doing collabs with our friends, Issac Ryan Brown from Disney Channel Raven’s Home, Casey Simpson for Nickelodeon Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn, SquishyBunnii & Karina Garcia the slime queen from awesomenesstv network, Ava Kolker from Disney Girl Meets World, and Txunamy from Mani on Brat teen, and She Can STEM. We have a book called Sister Detectives Pup-Napped and Haunted Horse Camp available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. We are funny latina sisters for YouTube kids. We focus on family fun and being funny sister clean comedians. Our GEMS say we are the best sisters play, and love that we are latino female comedians who love stand up comedy. Watch our funny videos with your irmas and whole familia! This channel is always advertiser safe and advertiser friendly. We are a clean comedy channel trusted by parents. We hope you agree these are YouTube’s best videos 2018. Get ready to laugh a lot and have fun with us watching our channel! *This channel is monitored by parents. All bullies will be blocked! 🚫

nazleth vera

You should have precot do it with you guys

Alex K.


YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?

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Scandi Snowgirl

Also, the fact that Link likes the center of the brownie best instead of the awesome crunchy edges just proves that he is in fact, a psycho



jacob drolet

It looks amazing

Kyron Darko

Best ending.

Me: thinks of The Simpsons

Amna Anjum


Thinnest Carrot





Jasmines vlog Channel



5:02 why his head way bigger than hers? Lol

Matt: :o :D


Who's cutting onions?

emilio soto

Wait... what happens after you wait 2 minutes around the helicopter?

Elle:lalalalalalala(so calm and aesthetic)

Vikramjit Singh

This is cool trick shots.TylerCoby Cody Garrett Code

Rae Morgan


Keys .Д.

Yo if I cannot transfer my siege data nor wear a fuze elite skin. I will not buy.


At 1:10 - There's a broken Dollar Bill vending machine here. Wouldn't it make sense if the wrench was being used to fix the machine instead of a Bioshock easter egg?