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Woman In Love

Jack Chavez

Go go power rangers

Carnage845 87

I'm actually glad I resisted buying this game

Flash Co

Where is this Narrative coming from ?

Glo BoyDT

U lucky asf

[OGA] Sat Boi Roy

I understand that that hurt, but it’s not THAT bad considering it was 14000 ft


Haw do you do that

Fucking orange Juice

1 million pesos is litterally the equivalent to 50 thousand dollars, Kyle Lowry is getting paid an American household salary😂😂😂

Tea Tata

My mother and I don't have a close relationship.I have never even asked her for advice or told her about problems in life and at school.I rely on my friends for that sort of advice.This is why you have to try your best to make a good,close,relationship with your parents up until you feel like you're close enough to ask for help and advice when you're young,or you will end up like me.Your parents are supposed to be your source of happiness and support,after all.

Dr Gucci

it's cool how they throw far

Kim Halliday

Tyler always wins that's weird

PS don't comment that I'm showing off

Hudson Homeier


Selena Birkman


Yusaka chann

I hope this lives up to the expectations. It's really wise of disney to turn frozen into this mystery-fantasy-adventure-ish movie instead of another family friendly cash grab of a movie. Wise move. I hope disney would soon be more open on creating deeper themes for their movies. It's refreshing to see this.

Todor Kisić

We need part 2 !


Kratos...I dont feel so good

John King

I was actually able to watch and get through the cutscenes!!!