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Unchained Melody

like - Johnny Orlando

Pokemon Fan

Amazing like if agree


Jesus CHRIST, these people have to be like-botting or something. I deadass cannot find a single positive comment anywhere, lmao. Take 👏 down 👏 the 👏 fucking 👏 video.

Sheena Peters


Bloodmoon__GachaTuber •

My question is...

Vanessa Lucio


Lights JusticeZ

AND HIS NAME IS....wait, what is it again?

Mista Monyet

omg hahah

And maxis controls gold orange

Golden Lion39

Anna..... Anorexic?

Trayyyvon :P

Who else was waiting for this?


Also notice that it's signed "ROMERO"

Marta Marinić

Like it's an actual workout trying to keep up with the long legged! Lmao

Nicholaus Buthmann

T-R-U-M-P is such a disgusting person to make "The Kim's" his friends.

And take a share in many events.

DDOF fortinite moments and fails!

Yeah but Texas is America so it gets +227 points for every year since the establishment of this country. AMERICA!

Jaythan Medrano

That food could of went to kids starving

Noah Fortnum

These guys are hunters yah?

Clinton White

Ichi roku ramen!

Barbarian:Holds breath for 2 years while screaming

Ryan Smith

megresto1 shut up. idk what ur talking about but everyone else thinks its real.Your mom doesnt love you and you were adopted ok, just dnt talk anymore

Mr. beast.

Try a child

KHan'z GaminG

2019 anyone's


Wow thats harder than i thought... NOT ANYMORE


How would anyone get mad when someone touches your private part she couldn’t just tell someone!!! I could just punch john to the moon

timothy mcvicker

Hey ever thought of making a top ten tv Easter eggs


Your mama is correct THE KITCHEN is for girls not school


the cool thing is that his clothes are dry! that means he got it on the first try!

JJ Vee

The girl kind of reminds me of those intense whiny annoying tsunderes characters all they do is blame you it’s kind of hard to empathize with her :/

gun—boy 0403


this is an untapped market just waiting to be milked like the oversized teat of a sexualized, anthropomorphic FNAF character a friend once texted me in the middle of the night with no context other than to speed up my death

Emily Jones


Echo Indigo

Lucky....I wish I could fall in love for real.

Waldo Cv


Naruto Uzamaki

if i was in your school i would fuck all of them up

CypoKat —Gacha!

Her mom looks like a man ;-;

The Nimrod's


cynthia collins

ThAt was awsome! :)

Anime RainbowGirls

I have this friend who is suffering from hysteria. She always wants attention and everybody kinda.. feel annoying. If she doesn't have attention she would cry.....