Abba - Mamma Mia (Official Video) music tcc music


Abba - Mamma Mia (Official Video)

Listen to ABBA: Follow ABBAFacebook: Read More About ABBA: Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson)© 1974 Polar Music International ABPublished by: Universal/Union Songs ABVideo produced by: Lasse Hallström#Abba #MammaMia #Vevo

Tk Dh

real life tony stark hmmmm lemmi guess HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Mafia945 GaNg

who else God a minecraft pe ad


More team battles with consequences!!!!

Emari Money

Ty lowkey want her 😂😂lol jk


No it's most likely a reference to the Salem witch trials that happened back in 1692.

Tubyed B.b

Same old story🤨

Girl: yes

Mr Toasty


Hibye 23

Why does the guy in the thumbnail look like... But i accept gay people you can be whatever you want in this world

In contrast the English voice acting in My Hero Academia is great, except for maybe the villains. Like.. their voices sound uncomfortably high.

Courtney Singleton

I can't wait for Jarvis to find this channel

Jasper Fales

You guys should enter the NBA


Unknown Gamer

Towards the end your audio was glitching out

Duane Madalena


Sean Grange

Cool vids

Allison Patterson

3:10 that's messed up...when you get MARRIED you are connected in flesh in spirit to THAT PERSON

Victoria Franz

Anyone else notice how they never wore seatbelts in the car?

Golden Life Gaming

We need lord tachanka saying he is gona buy everyone vodka or this game is bust

My suggestion pls make dunk tank nba..


These aren't fake, they just do a lot of attempts. C'mon guys, I don't even know why you would think this is fake in the first place, it's just a long basketball shot, and it's cool. Stop making a big deal out of it. I don't see why people can't just be like "Cool video!". There's always a few people that just type 'fake' because it's out of the ordinary. Sometimes things are just that amazing to see, can't people realize that now?

Isak Andersson

The first 5 seconds I was really excited for the new World at War Zombies.

Claudio Tapia

4:50 hey doesnt C'Thun say that in Hearthstone? 🤔🤔

Maxamed Omer



No way you play all these games and find all of the easter eggs you post. That would be so time consuming :O

Rakesh Roshan



Wow Powerade great sponsoring job.........


No excuse people make a real track getting good Noel hats off giving real Mike shinoda vibes

Connor Cairnduff

Min vs

U.S government: hold my beer

Beth Halpain

this is the dueces swishers sweets Broz....

Jayden Charest

if you dislike them yall stink

GD BlondYoshi

Fuck PE teacher, this happened also in my school but not even half as bad, sorry for you clohe, go kill yourself PE sucker...

That if i keep hitting myself my dad will sent me to a mental hospital

Vicki Shaw

Your a dickhead of a friend... You should of told Alice straight away, like a real best friend. Your pretty shit. Also you should of taken photographic evidence like any normal person would.

Poketooth зуб покей

A lot of these shots are fake, or use really light ammo. Look at the recoil.


this does help a lot.

Sgt. Vern

Garret looked scary

Mari a

Wait she said she hates kids but is now a school teacher

Lauren_X _Gacha

Clots are terrible...I’m 13 and I’m just starting and I hate it 😑😑😑

flame tail

You pretty