Number 10 Song - Learning Numbers | Baby Songs | +More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Little Baby Bum music ghzy music


Number 10 Song - Learning Numbers | Baby Songs | +More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Little Baby Bum

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Mikel joice

this guy is awesome

Thanks, ShadMew11

Daniel Andrews

I got my allergies tested at an allergy doctor and I’m allergic to everything except foods please help me

I am so sorry that you are a victim of "bullying", but your opinion and similar ideas are contributing to actual laws against gay people. So if you have an opinion about pineapple on pizza, I don't care. But right now it's illegal to be LGBTQ in some countries. Imagine if the government took away your right to be yourself. However would you douchebag about?


You forgot the "Spongebob I hope thats your nose" line when SB buried himself under ground and all you could see is his nose.

calik zafer

Whats wrong at nr 1?

your videos are no longer even close to entertaining, I could not miss 2017 jacskfilms more.

Pista RO123

Sant roman

Iron Buddha

dynamax is a bad choice and a waste of the games resources

Girl loves him


When you click on a vid that justin y has not gotten to yet

Hari Haravel i love that song..☺️

Anwaar Ahmed


Aadya Bhattarai


Major Sarah19

He was born in 1900 it is 2018??? Why???

Robbie Mould

Stop waisting your life 7mins later

Who I prefer: Burger King

Keren Hillmann

I am so sorry for you I hope you are OK and remember I may not know you but you always have my back you are the bravest person I have ever seen you should be proud of your self

Marinei Moura

Super cool

Peter Huynh


Nyso 04



Perfect did good....proud of you

Cassius Becker

How much money do they spend on the rage monster

Real hoops Talk

Y’all all in the comments talking about “he’s averaging 32 and still getting criticized” then why was everyone blaming james harden for the rockets loss this post season? He averaged 35 with a messed up eye! Everyone talks about the box and 1, but steph has arguably the greatest spot up shooter in history to kick it out to. Thompson can not outscore curry in game 4, curry needs to step up that game. The same people giving him excuses are the ones who say they could win without KD

I recently quit playing multiplayer FPS games after also quitting WoW a few months ago, because everytime I had to do group games with others, I often act angst, nervous and becoming a horrible raging person every time someone makes a tiny mistake... I wasn't enjoying the games and I only enjoy when I was winning and every time I was winning I ego-trip on everyone of them. I denied for a long time that I had serious issues with playing online games until my girlfriend notices the issues I was having during a pokemon go event because even when I was holding down my over the top emotions they still pop up in moments of panic and in a complete lack of volume control when I was talking.

rolando Romero

That almost made me cry😭

Macy Stewart


Stomping Ewe


crazy wrestler


Pizza Panda

Ty is so confusing 0:503:32


2nd :)

Print EBDubs


Squash 11

The music in fire watch is amazing

Ankita Pramanick

I m anxious

Q Turn

Ultimate skills dude

B stands for Beautiful

michelle foster

The freakin' cheese weasles pft haha

U pay and after 3 hours of gameplay the game frezes and it says if you want the last of 4 fucking hours pay 5$



뭐가천재라는거야 그냥던지는거자나 ㅡ ㅡ

Fox Mcloud

Did'nt know these!

Vineet Bhole

Its not called soccer

aina winslet

3:47 his boyfriend took a bite of her bed’s headboard😂