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depends on what you reference. If it's the game, then he is a clone, the 47th clone experiment...the end of the 1st Hitman see's him fighting the 48 clones.

Triz P.

#2 in the Philippines!

princess R

1:57 best part


Who ever dislikes is horrid this is horrible no one should go through it and to actually listen to this story stopped me being depressed and made me think to myself ppl are going through worse and that I should stop being selfish, this story was so heart warming to know u beat the odds but also so sad because I’m 15 and I could never think of being told I have 6 months to live ❤️big respect


do "another one"

pam soravia


Johnny Stubbington

I wonder if any character from dbz  bacon number is over 9000. yeah I made that joke.


I am feeling so, so bad for you. This seems like the worse sickness ever. I am so thankful that I don't suffer like you.

Beau Bunjes

Who is the panda



Skylar Flame


AmyCrisJ -

Don't read the comments, full of assholes. They don't realise that not everybody has to support gay people. How disgusting these people are.

Reetus Feetus

Thank you so much for this video! Now I can learn to love myself for who I am


You must like that talos game

Matureness the minecraft furnace

Haha here exactly 2 years after (the 23rd May 2019)

Masimeke Latianara


Olivia Holyfield

DUDE PREFECT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The news keeps calling it a "hard landing"...

De John

Flip a car..

Andrew Moore

what does the power puff girls one mean

Merik Davis

This is probably one of the best videos you guys have ever made

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That guy was scared he was going to shove him back smh coward


I slept for 3 days and my parents thought I died =|

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Missed out Pie Island ;)

Caleb T.V

Are these videos real or made up. (Sorry I'm brand new to this channel)


Y'all should do host stereotypes!! It would be awesome and funny! Love y'all's videos😁😝

Meghan M.

1:00 i see queen and im devasted this kid couldnt listen to queen


Well my grandparents are still alive and I been living with them for 3 years and I'm grateful. My grandfather is 82 and grandmother 79. If they die I will be homeless.

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Please do Airplane passenger stereotypes!!!


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Jake Paul should put Male twins in team10

Acrto Matic

Dude Perfect vs John Cena?


check out my video made a basketball shot off my highschools football stands!

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Yessss Coby!!!!

But I feel like it’s No Mans Sky situation where the game is released and is buggy and boring

infinite cognizance

Raptors have had an easy road to the finals and if they win it doesn't mean shit to me. They are lucky.