I Am No Victim (LIVE) - Kristene Dimarco | Where His Light Was music zcc female choir music


I Am No Victim (LIVE) - Kristene Dimarco | Where His Light Was

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Goll Koll

your content and your music choice is fucking amazing keep it up my man

Johnny Fang


archer patric

the building will be out of use for 2 to 3 weeks to fix on it

Study Guide

It ain’t chief

O_oscar_ B

I love your vids


100 likes for no reason

Bjoern Rapp

When i type 1980 on a video page, it wont work...just skips parts.

Beatrice Bertome

bjr cheri h


pause at 1:00 there is a troll


paul dark

FunWithGuru = best guy for easter eggs :D

Its so beautiful😍

The Office Sis

Are you using a new mic? Your sound quality is so good!😘


10:26 I can't stop laughing

Sombr a

W o w


I can hear that catchy trailer music now.

Matflips 66

drugs are never the answer

Camden Disney

little kids: LET IT GO!me: ah shit here we go again

Mohd Asnawi

klcc Malaysia.....Kuala lumpur


Great video. Fire.

Yhoanni Millan

It would’ve Been so dope if rockstar added a back to the future reference

Youtuber Kiếm tiền

0:13 so funds

BigBurgerPedestrian !

5:03 put that in super slomo

The One And Only Doggo Pug

who's story is dis?

Pato Swag

For lighting you should ofalso put a taser necklace on thier neck


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Yanett Ramirez

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THE BEST ONE WAS THE GILLIGANS ISLAND sry for caps didn't notice it till done plz just excuse it


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lil skies carried this song hard.

dante shadow

Hey guru. I have a question it's the next video, if it's not gonna be about Easter eggs then what will it be about ?! :/ btw' awsome video IT'S OVER 9000 .

Mocha Bean

I'M JANE!!!!!!

Megan Patricia Marie Pammit

1:13 Coby's shoe were flew off

Blinds 2 Curtains

you are the best


Funny vid can you make more voice videos


You know you're kicking ass on YouTube when your least popular video is JIMMY FUCKING KIMMEL!

Love from india


Danger Mittens

You missed one reference, which was an island in the minecraft area, across the largest river of acid there is an island with a dead tree and a ghost that occasionally appears sitting down near a sword smoldering in some ashes. I'll let you figure out what reference it is.

Also Jaiden : So I peed on my wallet

Pizza Panda

Why wasn’t Garrett in this series



screencap this comment for posterity

Sibgat Haque

Guys i already download the game and now i am playing 😆😆😆

Mateo G.


TimDa RatMan

When Thanos snapped