10000 Reasons(Bless the Lord), Matt Redman, played by Bethel Church. Large Lyrics(ver.1) music zcc female choir music


10000 Reasons(Bless the Lord), Matt Redman, played by Bethel Church. Large Lyrics(ver.1)

No copyright infringement intended.Use at your own risklyricsBless the Lord oh my soul 34:12Oh my soul 38:16Worship His holy Name 41:28Sing like never before 47:16Oh my soul 51:28I'll worship Your holy Name 54:25The sun comes up it's a new day dawning 1:01:16It's time to sing Your song again 1:09:00Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me 1:14:25Let me be singing when the evening comes 1:23:27Bless the Lord oh my soul 1:31:05Oh my soul 1:35:10Worship His holy name 1:38:17Sing like never before 1:44:11Oh my soul 1:48:17OH 1:48:17MY 1:49:12SOUL 1:50:05I'll worship Your holy Name 1:51:17You're rich in love and You're slow to anger 1:57:29Your name is great and Your heart is kindFor all Your goodness I will keep on singingTen thousand reasons for my heart to find(chorus)2:27:22(chorus)2:54:12And on that day when my strength is failing 3:21:16The end draws near and my time has comeStill my soul will sing Your praise unendingTen thousand years and then forevermore(double chorus) 3:51:03Bless the Lord! 4:44:14We shout a praise tonight, yeah!Bless You God! 4:51:19Ohhh 4:54:04Sing like never before 4:57:20Oh my SoulI'll worship Your holy NameAnd on that day.. 5:11:07(double chorus) 5:40:25You're rich in love... 6:34:17Bless You Jesus 7:58:08Bless Your holy Name Jesus 8:03:03Oh sing it like you've never before! 8:11:01


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