West End LIVE 2019: Gloria Estefan’s On Your Feet! performance (Sunday) music jio app music


West End LIVE 2019: Gloria Estefan’s On Your Feet! performance (Sunday)

Bringing Latin fire and the sounds of Gloria Estefan, the West End LIVE 2019 performance of On Your Feet! really brought the heat to Trafalgar Square!Charting Emilio and Gloria Estefan’s true love story – from their origins in Cuba to the streets of Miami, and subsequently international superstar status – On Your Feet! is a must for fans and newcomers to their music alike, as it plays a strictly limited season at the London Coliseum.Book Gloria Estefan's On Your Feet! tickets through Official London Theatre:


Does anyone else think the background music is disturbing?

George Washingpun


Harryboy Anareta

who's watch this in 2018?


Metal Gear Rising = Nothing Special.

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Junk Theater

Love the music choices

Autumn Night

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ScaryZombomb 4

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Sorcha Burns

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John W. Daugherty Jr.

@ 3:40 its sounds alot like a part from a song called two princes by the spin doctors

Jennie Piepkorn

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Dave Dagatan

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Your local sweeper keeper

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Richard Hay


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JR Cablitas

that is good

M Zaher

Well, the first thought came to me after I watched the video was "THIS IS RANDOM, SO RANDOM IN FACT". Then I looked down a little an saw "The king of random", that is so true. Thanks YouTube for the random suggestion.

Serj Metallik

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Gaming Hacker

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