[Vocal Deep House Mix] - November 2018 Selections #72 kxc music music


[Vocal Deep House Mix] - November 2018 Selections #72

►Facebook Page: download: Channel: you wish to support our monthly work, you do it here on Patreon : 1)[00:00]Elegantemente - Save Me (ash Remix)2)[04:20]Briana - Lost in Istambul (Pascal Junior Remix)3)[08:51]Fabrizio Parisi & MiYan feat. Belonoga - Sunbeams (DJ Tarkan Remix)4)[13:57]Nexeri feat Jex - Games(Robert Christian Remix)5)[17:23]Robert Cristian ft. Serena - Summer Air6)[21:03]Fabrizio La Marca - Summer Dreamin (Original Mix)7)[26:41]Ian Careyy - Keep on Risin (Velker Remix)8)[31:05]Anton Ishnutin - Kick It(Original Mix)9)[34:48] Kate Linn - Your Love (Anthony Keyrouz Remix)10)[37:51]Nexeri - Obsession ( Robert Christian Remix)11)[40:41]Kanita - Dont Let Me Go (Gon Haziri Remix)12)[43:45]TRU Concept - Save Me (ft. Pershard Owens) (M.a.o.s. Beats Remix)13)[47:59]Yotto - The one you left behind (Yotto Mirage Mix)_____________________________________________________________ Subscribe for more! Share,like and comment!Thank you for listening!This video was uploaded for promotional purposes, and no profit is made from it. If you enjoy the music,please support the artist(s) by downloading/buying the full version of the tracks. To owners and copyright holders : If you wish for a track to be removed, please let us know so we will remove it from our feed immediately.

Sakura Shy

Are they gonna reveal the origin of Elsa’s powers in this?


2018 anyone?


Why does the guy in breakpoint look like nick mercs???


August 2018 anyone???

Dawn O'Roark

Mr exuses returns


at 11:28 Song Name

:.lemon cat.:

There’s a movie on this. Starving in suberbia

Alex Arana


Burçak Güzel

2018 any???

Charlotte Purnell

Just break up with him.

Laura Castro

Austin did his eyebrows? 💕

Mayelin Hernandez


s book

Tyler started pretty good

saima khurram



Do batman arkham origins it has a lot of Easter eggs plase do it funwithguru



ImgameplaYz 2005

Dude perfect you are awesome

Femi Fatma Kusilawe

what doesnt kill u makes u stronger

Caleb McAdam

Broncos need him

Scoobert Doobert

So are kelpies a thing now?


let me just throw $800 down the drain on a fucking console

Josh WE

Non I play Fifa

Fernandes Zari

FunWithGuru have you ever thought about making easter eggs related to other countries?

(Onemai) Vara Pachimsawat

You work at Bangkok 100 percent

Valerie C.D

Can you make Easter eggs videos about Hello Kitty games? The hello kitty games are so mysterious... e.e

Christian Gonzalez

R.i.p rats

Asmi Alam

2 part hit like

Lader K

so cool


This guy is just helping others (like myself) recognize significant things for fun and you come in here trying to ruin it for all of us. He may or may have not found it first, but he sure did HELP me find the hidden song unlike you.

tf TV

once again great vid

Jesse Hammons

Man Guru your fan base is one of the best I've seen EVER! Keep up the amazing work!

Flower Butterfly

Tyler is the best

Noel Soderholm

11:25 was the first time i got mad

Blue Chick

I hate to be the person to say this but I have suspected I've had this disorder (although I'd be fine with being proven wrong by a professional)

Boigny Flynn

Show me a hot woman like Halle Berry & I will show u a man that's tired of fucking her! ( 3 ex- hubby's)


dude the song makes me want to cry. So peaceful. ..

Abel Kirui

I wach harry potters

Honestly tho it’s kinda her sisters fault

Martina Zunic

Wow that ending i didnt expect that i expect her to move on BUT I WAS NOT EXPECTING THE BF TO BE CRASHED OMG THIS IS HEART BREAKING

Paige Egan

Megregor all the way boys

Randall Cabuslay

What if you guys catch a megalodon •_•