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Viejitas pero bonitas IX

La novena entrega de las "viejitas pero bonitas", y aclaro solo tres cosas:1. Una disculpa ya que busque por semanas y no encontre un video de CHAO para la edición2. Realize por cuestiones de tiempo cortes en las melodias lo menos notorios posibles.3. El video del grupo "trigo limpio" no corresponde a la melodia, sin embargo trate de "empatar" video con audio.Dedicado a todos mis seguidores, suscriptores y amigos.Bienvenidos.

Codediepie Codediepie



9:40 🥴😳

Daniel Coffman

when the monster grabs one of the troopers

Sulli 123 4




👕🍻 .


Wow I never knew that the owner of adidas is still alive after 100 years..

Madi Jackowski

I'm pretty sure it Johnny Rocket.

Bubbin Overlord

How many basketballs did these guys bring to the top of that building to get this?

Rob Pepers

Nice tricks

Noah Stevens11

REDO THIS! AFTER This years olympics.

Tiffany Cornett

Can newton

Claudio Lopez

Cody hit the camara from the pool noddols

Chris Manager

Why didn't you shoot Lara Croft?




Haha, funny

Tommy Mayers

Crap. Tools 100's of shots to achieve this. Boo

Niyati Sawhney

Next song fight song


I’m the NOOOOOOBBBBB but not in fortnite

G a r d e v o i r A n i m a t I o n s Yt lil puff

You never showed us the wondertrades ;w;

Fabrizio Salinas


0:43 (2


School stereo typed

Emmy Lou


Blake Strauss

My fav was the bow and arrow at the end

AlanWalker Fan

Her mum is just calling the police on eVeRyOnE 😡

My suggestion drinks fresh juices daily orrange apple pomegranate and avoid negative thoughts. Think only positive thoughts. If u hv panic attacks u just believe that is not a heart attack that is only panic attack its curable

-fat whale 2016

Aaron Yandell

By the depiction of this video, your girlfriend seems like a bitch.

FielD MazterR

Barbarian: holds breathe

Michael J Onorata

for Christmas scene you should do golf battle

Sarhang - Kurd

August 2018?

mack james

i love panda

Tristan Michels

All I have to say is......THIS LOOKS AMAZING. Even if I wasn't the BIGGEST fan of the first film, I'm definitely excited for this.

Baiatu' Poppin

That ending tho #im bored:))


The creature was like one enemy in half life.... :0


Mary Dailey

You sold your soul for money and fame when you die you're going to burn in hell all just for a little bit of money and fame very sad

HIGH Midnight

wendys beef isnt fresh its actually frozen


No he should not

Emil Alldredge

december 2018?

Mohamed .AL-Braiki

yes they do but that noise its wierd