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Yến Hoàng

I just want to say THANK YOU! All of your videos inspired me a lot. Life isn't waiting for anyone so don't waste our time. Living our lives by the way that we just have one day to live.



Rohit Adlakha

Such a good video these days all kids want to do is not go to school

Waffle Cone

I'm subbing to anyone who subs to me let's help each other out

yuh yeet



2019 anyone


Will coby ever win

Colin Baeriswyl

They used the back board though


jeje epic easter eggs inside easter eggs videos XD

DragonStriker_Gamer324 2

We should appreciate everyone with or without disabilities



Tee Mart

I feel bad for you I hope this does not happen to me and I hope you don't go through it again

Elian Baez

now it’s kelly oubre’s turn

Achref Legend

Weird rudy did future theme too


I'll never forget gurukidhd

Amanda Derrick

Thanks Dude Perfect for providing entertainment while I'm still working at 6pm on a Friday....

עילאי אברהם

Dude perfect the kings love

bala k

The largest slingshot...Perfect read...Dude...

Iron Man vs Thanos

Ryland EMPS

Next video: I created Nike and my brother created Under Armour

Crumpet Snail

This is unrelated but are you going to make an Easter egg video for call of duty ww2 and wolfenstein 2


One of my favorites is when you arranged the shape of some buildings from a top-down perspective into your name in an Assassin's Creed video (was it Syndicate)?

Him: ok

The Racing Channel

This is the PERFECT song (Back in grade school)

Kassu 007

Whats mani????????

TheVideo Commenter

I knew you were gonna make something cute in this, about that secret message tho dont quit man! or atleast try to go as long as you can i am know you since you hade 30k subs :)

Michael Barton

It’s high to low

Ryder Ant

Can't wait to see the red dead 2 Easter eggs

Denis Nikitin

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Gaming Lazerz

also 'both sets of twins

Saimah Patel

Did Tyler just cut his hair