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Torae - Let 'Em Know (Music Video)

Torae returns to his Coney Island roots for the video to the Jahlil Beats produced banger "Let 'Em Know". The lead single from his sophomore LP 'Entitled'.Directed by PixelMotiv Media@ToraeEntitled iTunes: Spotify: Tidal:Google Play: Amazon Digital: Physical CD Fatbeats:Physical CD UGHH:Physical CD Amazon:

Klay Star

this got me so horny thx

Houcine Magh

لي تفرج هاد لفيديو يجي يساميني

The Mojo Card Box

Viewing in 2018 Anybody!!!!!!!!

Sophia Audelo

Her: “I hate kids”


Is that last one real? If so i never knew about it!!

Ramon De Jesus Batista

Son los mejores


what is up with battle field and fucking dinosaurs 

but thats fine, one day ill come on your concert :D 🖤

Anne Dumont

Hey ty hey Garrick


The world is billions of years old and we are lucky to live at the same time as Borderlands 3 hype

Abby Porter

Is this Jaiden Animations??? The voice sounds a lot like hers...

Wish my mom still lived. RIP

Jke 2013

3:51 the way the therapist is spelled it looks like it’s saying

David Brantley

We need to tie pewdiepie

cappy vlogs

Give me $1000

#jack games

1:56Cody, this isn’t wheel unfortunate

Ana Maria

This is EXACTLY what is happening to me right now... A few days ago we celebrated 1 year since we started our relationship.


Lol it's funny I carry a gun too when I golf with basketballs.

Grayson: Oh wait wait waaaaait!


wtf i did not understand a thing lmfao

Chris Mason

Public Service Announcement: "Cloud" is literally the internet. Somewhere a marketing guy saw a network diagram and said "what's that clould mean?" and the network guy said "Oh that's just the internet. Basically what is on the other side of our firewall." Then that marketing guy thought "I can do something with that!" Now everyone thinks the cloud is something special.

SaGe Andrew


Deeznutz Hello

How did the white teams points go from24 to 23


Mum edition


Another great video.


I like gar

Pedro Henrique


Carlos Benitez

thanks for the jump scare warning. thumbs up

Veronica Valentine

I discovered the jump scare shooting the water by accident "fishing" and it scared the shit outta me.


lol the last EE was so funny

Take A Prize

I know some people with Asperger syndrome. They can be smart, funny and really good people. It's so so sad that most of the time they insult people or don't understand them. We should help them be a part of our society.

Andrew Meyer

Is that really Aaron Rodgers


mafia 3 easter eggs ? Come ?

Dr. Diamond


- horrible father


these guys are great they are just great there great   keep doing it