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SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 - el mejor precioolvides revisar nuestro canal tenemos nuevos contenidos diferentes...


"Stealing my pussy is a red fucking line."

Warmerlist 857

Outbreak all over again

Seesamu Caik

What's the significance of a113?

Panda Destroyer222

Little mermaid in Copenhagen Denmark Mermaids are real

God 2.0

/ ■□♤□○

1000 Subscribers with 1 Ali a vid challenge.

As a Aussie I can confirm these are not boomerangs.

Erik Beeson

Shoutout to Aeropress for the canning assist.

Rina Mehta


People that r bald:IM OFFENDED!!!😤😤


I remember there was a thread on reddit where someone ELSE used the proposal at the end for his girlfriend and it worked out! Hope you can mention that if you do a later video.


guru whats your thoughts/opinions on this game cause im really on the edge on buying this game or not.

Travon Drain

how are all the vids less than 10 mins but stay amazing

Grey Wolf

I've enjoyed it too much

Neha_ Hime-sama

Ahhhhh, the story is so interesting!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I just can't wait for the next episode!,😭😭😭when will it be released!!?????



Ultra ClayMation

4:30 all the balls in the river says that the ball going into the hoop wasn't successful the first few times...

Doctor Jones

A He-Man meme reference in the Witcher? But why?

Matt Moczydlowski

6'9" idk cant relate


i have been to both of those places but i moved to colorado

Edgelord 3000

oof right in the feels

I want one

Blu Sophia

t-th- the sandcastle;-;


her hair used to be red

ipplays cool

I'm so sorry for you 💔

Raiden: -_-

I don't got time for lies and jokes


Like tr me kela PN saglya VDO madhe jo Maja yeto na to yet nahi

Ephrem Bejiga

why is cody pulling his shorts down


Dude Perfect x Zayde Wolf is true

Tom MacIntyre

What even is CineMark?

josh brooks

What was your favourite Easter egg


Thank you @Babish, you had me at the mention of Jon Favreau , but now i actually have something to Binge with Babish this summer <3

My story ani- wait no

Tuxedo Bear

I have all the doom games and there awsome N64 and PS2.. ah the good old days.


Omg its here yay

James Edwards

Creater of discord?

dark night

he did not lick the fish if you put it on slow mo

Ethan Horrocks

France will win the world cup

Dempsey Kelnhofer

go man united cory

Big Daddy

You are a 47 year old

baseballer boy

where was caret

Layton Delaune

Tyler got the best trick shot (last one)