Top 10 Indian YouTube Singers 2018 (Male) Top 10 Singers music abstract music


Top 10 Indian YouTube Singers 2018 (Male) Top 10 Singers

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Total awesomeness for this video and the first one, PERFECT!


U scared the shit out of me when you shot the dev. in serious sam xDDD

Cloudy Fuzz

Honestly I would kick them in the nuts and punch them in the neck if I would get in trouble I would say the would bully me / broke my wrist

Eli Grant

U should have interviewed Andre ingudala


That was nice


If everything is perfect in someone's life something is bound to go wrong later.

Bella Crafts

Dad: Physically and verbally avoided her

agha ayan

That number doesnt work for england

Woroud Ghandout

6:02 he missed the easy shot 6:06 he scored the hard shot 🧐🤨🤩🤩


i got chills in less that 0:30

Dany Ren


Benjamin Mohseny

Is that Bill Gates


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Adding your channel name in a game would be the best easter egg ever :)

Suranji Vithanage



Girls crush jeongyeon

NKR 670

I wish this was a real thing😞

Michael Elliott

I think the shot could be called the arrow swisher.


It's not fair. It's not fair at all.

Петухов павел

Почему вы не умеете говорить по русски😥😥😥😥

The Lightning Brony

Does this mean that we'll need a FL-4K screen for the whole experience?

kuzy kelvin

daniel roldos

Toleró is incredibilidades

Lightning Wolf 26

Who is your favorite baseball team, please send me a reply, because I'm doing a survey for my YouTube channel


Super Crackers

Wtf is E3

Arabinda Saha

Oh yeah


Most watched video?

lidia peña

In 3:40 it souds like The deez nuts Guy

Jack Sasfai

I hope I get to be like you when I grow up

anne England

Holy chipmunk

Riley White

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The more I get into archery the more I realize how unimpressive these shots are. Give the bow to a beginner and eventually they'll do the same.

zack satcher

Uhh.. u sure that wasn't BO2? Black Ops doesn't have Samantha in Moon

ziteng su

Fuck you blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I hate you blue

I grew up around horses, mares specifically. I knew what they were like, but I was unfamiliar with stallions. Mother was trying to breed our mare with a couple of stallions. I grew very close to those stallions. I was standing between them, petting the pair, when one decided “LET ME HAVE THE ALL THE LOVE” and kicked the other stallion. The other stallion didnt take that stuff and kicked the first stallion. Now I was in the middle of all of this. The other stallion kicked the first stallion and me in the eye. Everything became slow and blurry. I ran inside, my mom panicked and called the police. She wrapped my face with a towel. When the ambulance arrived, the towel was so bloody, it had to be thrown out. They put me on a stretcher, despite the fact I insisted repeatedly that I was ok.They began to ask questions like “what is today?” And “what is your name?” And I eventually got tired of them asking the same question over and over, so i said “Why dont you ask me something harder?” That was when my mum knew that I didnt have a concussion. I got 38 stitches that day. Fast forward to today, and I’m doing great! Im 14 now, and you cant see the scars.

Jonah Richardson

My birthday is on March 13😪 so close

Yz ag



One like =one pray for PANDA


Nyx Clan

I’m in the 2017 and they look just so diffrent


YES! Please do more montages like this:)

The mechanism of Darkness

1:48 wow and i was just rewatching hotrod today too.



ford nut

Let me guess this was Trumps fault too.

Diana hamilton

I want some chicken nuggets