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The Most Interesting Man in the World - THE MUSICAL

The Most Interesting Man in the World sings about awesomeness and his adventures!Subscribe for more weekly Musicals! sure to share with your friends!Download this Song: Equis' The Most Interesting Man in the World can sing! No women, rooftops or cameras were hurt in the filming of this. Unless... you count broken hearts!Starring Michael Roucco, Elizabeth Oldak and Tanja NaglerOriginal Music and Lyrics by Antonius NazarethDirected and Edited by Vijay NazarethThanks to Cameron Sun for helping us shoot this!_________________________________Download our music!AVbyte on Facebook:Vijay:Facebook: let's not forget Google+: Antonius:Twitter: LINKS / More AVbyte Vids!Slender Man Musical: 5 is here: the scenes: MOST INTERESTING MAN THE WORLDEVEN CHUCK DOESN'T DARE DISAGREEI CAN SPEAK FRENCH, IN RUSSIANDISCUSSIONS WITH ME ARE WORTH TEN YEARSAT YALE UNIVERSITYTHE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD?SHARKS HAVE WEEKS DEDICATED TO MEIF YOU MAILED A LETTER TO "MAN" IT WOULD CERTAINLYREACH ME IN TIME BEFORE TEATHE LOCH NESS MONSTER THINKS I'M A MYTHMY BUSINESS CARD SAYS, "I'LL CALL YOU"WHEN JESUS CHRIST CALLS ME HE USUALLY ASKS,HEY MAN, (HEY) WHAT WOULD YOU DO?I ONCE BIT ON CHARLIE'S FINGERMY BLOOD SEEMS TO SMELL LIKE COLOGNEI ONCE HAD A STARING CONTEST WITH MYSELF,AND ON THE FOURTH DAY, I WONTHE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLDYES I GUESS THAT ABOUT SUMS IT UPI WAS ONCE IN A BOAT AND WHILE SAILING AROUNDTHE WHOLE PLANET I FOUND A SHORT CUTTHE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLDI'M THE LIFE OF ALL PARTIES I'VE MISSEDI ONCE PUNCHED A MAGICIAN...That's right. You heard me.THE MOST INTERESTING MANIN THE WORLD


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