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The Devil wears Prada Bloopers

.This are not all the bloopers only the ones with Meryl Streep.Cast: Miranda...Meryl Streep Andy...Anne Hathaway Emily...Emily Blunt Nigel...Stanley Tucci

RAY-nbows :3

Weird flex,

Alecktre Carlile

Her history section was geography sksksksksks

Dave Nussbaum


House Barzini YT

Respect to both Men.

kid flips YTC

Coby should have done more like ty and cody had it's not fair

kha mascato

Polo g is at his peak 😎


Who else waited for this

Katherine Xuzhao

WHY did you let her smoke like that!

Linh Tran

the best song in my life

Zachary Farley

RIP for the couch

Joel Madrid

ops battery died

Caleb A

First time Link is allowed to wield a knife in awhile. He immediately and unsuprisingly proceeds to shank himself to prove a point.. this is quality content people.

Daniel Desmond

Kevin de is friends from BelgiumSterling is from England

Living Meme

You warned us about the jumpscare...... that means that there is still some hope left in humanity....


I left the video at 3:16

Rosile Oum


I felt bad when he was going to meet her so he can purpose to her when they found the ring in his pocket T^T

Aria E.

My co worker has this panic attack. One day he just curled on the floor, breathing heavily. It was awful.

Here's some cake

Nathim _



what if you shoot the heart on number 5?

captain nutjob

all u little ten year old kids stay on cod whare u belong.


Tbh I really hate the narrator

William Lagacé élève

I think panda should graduate

Timmy the Tuber

The last one


When are you going to put up a real video with more amazing shots!!!!! I'm sure just as many people would be happy with that as with this new android app!


Tits or ass?

Suzanne Renauld


CharChar Animations

S a m e

Chicken Nugget

team tall man


May be flex$$


I don’t wanna sound rude here but in Japanese they all sound like adolescents

Christine Baynton

I am 42 and I feel far more fabulous now than I ever did in my 20s.


I lost myself. How can I find me?

Navaneeth Sanjeev

super bro and also i love your tricks

marc Lepore


RJK 8020

You can see the cracks in the watermelon before they hit it

Jose Vazquez

Gta5 is in sandreas

Layan Al Khateeb

I was crying when I watched this maybe he took his own life because he regret killing your stepmom


How long are you making all this videos? There's so many details and many great montage putted in it. :]

gael atilano

Was ty wearing a maverick shirt? That was pink

Judah Sh

that's unfortunate, "Get Tased" "Chased by K9through house" (in the bite suit) or "Get egged." "drink a blended Mc. Donald meal."

Fatah Daulay

guru you still be a youtuber right