The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1) music nzqa music


The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Jordyn Nelson

Is it sad that I'm watching this at 4? Great video btw

Dragon Slayer4563

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Anderson Doung

9:10 alien loveee donuts ;)



For gods sake Guru atop giving me so many addictive awesome songs! ;D


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Trip Bass

The fishing was cool

mr chu

Woah woah woah. She rarely uses her phone now, BUT she had time to send her story to these RANDOM people? Has she learn nothing?

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Jessica Hu

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A girl from my class is also born 4 months too early


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Zu Warudo

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Cincy fan Jungle City

I'm a Bengals fan but Drew Brees is the shit. U definitely chose the right guy to film in ur video . Wish Cincinnati would have grabbed him up back when he first came into the NFL , and we had the chance. Much respect for Drew Brees from Cincinnati "Who Dey Country" to New Orleans "Who Dat Country."


Thats so cool. I've been subbed to this channel for a while now and i never found any of these so well done


Can someone explain wtf is up with the librarian

Mikal bien-aime

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Ann Martinez


Hoàng Hiệp Lê

LeBron James

Z O M E R.


Parker Draughon

Check out "Tricky Balls 2"

Sister Gabbs

I am Hawaiian so cool


Different episodes... IT'S A SERIES


To Stop A Gaben 12:00

Holly Lektompessy


Lilly Thompson

Swimming Battle!!!!

Rock Star

Hats off to u guys

Javier 888

No entiendo que le pasa al que hiso los subtitulos si no los va a hacer bien mejor ni los hace

Melissa De Leon

Gave me chills.

Animation Club

Boys like Jake don't deserve girl like you

David Snow


Aja Sibley

The world is based on stealing, if your not someone is there always will be and there's no way to entirely alleviate it, the only way to do better is to steal for yourself, that's just how the world works it dosent reward hard laybor because working as hard as you can will never be as effective as ripping off 2 men to work just as hard. Implying a part of you dies when you take advantage of this is disgusting the world is capitolist not some commune Utopia, this video feels more like it's pushing some corporate agenda to encourage compliance. Shit like this is what keeps people's heads down and what makes people spend the rest of thier life behind a desk.


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Katherine P

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Thought it was fake LOL XD

Cheryl Matthews

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Seth Raap


RS Ruybal

Personal preference: Texas Roadhouse is far and away better than Outback.


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Being a wife.

lifeasparty T.R

Secret pride mounth reference when he gets on the barbarian

Thiemen van Akker

The normal Guy

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Lucy Heartfilia

Oh my god were those stone hedges??? Omg omg