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Te Quiero Los Temerarios

Hola espero que les guste es una cancion que me gusta mucho esta cancion se lo dedique a una persona muy especial para mi.

dirty dolphin games

I feel so bad for you too

Comrade Nikolai Petrov


Jorge Reyes

Why is every thing so true

Julie Naff

Me poopy love

Christy McDonald

Team necklace!!!!

Tanq L

Who else feels like this is fake? xD Like if you do


When my brother first showed me that ray gun easter egg. It blew my young mind!

Zack Dominguez



Who died?

Acdc ledzep

U just earned a new sub buddy! :P

Kailee thorn

I'm not first but where's the notification Squad at????💕💕💕


Deuces !

Azka Kusumantio

Your the best drawer Ever

mejor se acuesta tarde estudiando y mañana duerme todo el dia xd

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So amazing 😭😭😭😭😭

Anil Kaya


I really miss her

todd gurley

Make sure you will have love and peace for Cody's Grandpa

Do they buy from other companies' copyrights or  they stole their copyrights ?!?!?!?!?!



แก้ว แจ่ม

i like

Jessie Barton

Remember project do to is watching just kidding do

[virtual] NinjaPuppy56

Who’s watching this and remembers garret actually had hair

Laura P

How are you so beautiful!! Skin is perfect!

Sousuke Yuusuke

At first he looked like TADASHI FORM BIG HERO 6 :/

International Living Word Cathedral

Go hWks

Carebear G

That is great! God Bless!


oh shit..... she has my name.... she has anxiety..... oh no

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Anthony know his friends name aint jasepi


why do i have a felling Shane Dawson may have a word in this?

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Oh sorry if I'm late happy 1M subscribers😊😊

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O my gosh 7 years ago


Could you please change the annotation so that it opens in a new window?

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I think the avatar test in The Last Airbander would be really good the next video. please like if you agree!!!

Norwegian Pineapple

I have a couple problems with this video. Firstly, I know she was close with her grandfather, but the shit she explained on how she feels is a bit cover kill. I have a feeling she's trying to make us upset, which is dumb. Alot of my friends (and me) have lost someone dear to us and we've never gone so far as to stop eating anf think we need to be pretty. She's explaining bulimia/anorexia which are two deadly eating disorders, and shouldn't be joked around about. The depression part is not unsual however. But being some who onced suffered from a eating disorder and someone who has depression and anxiety, it pisses me off when people over exaggerate things like that. I understand she lost someone close, but the whole I need to be prettier thing is bugging me for the soul reason that she was the happy one and she was the one who said everything was fine, and her just flipping all of a sudden sounds like she has bipolar disorder which it never says she does.


"i sold most of the things he gave me and put it in my bank account"

Venkata Reddy

What a vedio

susana Claridad

Sticksman Tyler

I take Big Daddy Hacks

I knew they were gonna win!


What if we called Strangers "Non-Meeteth". It means Not Met, Have not met.

Vaas Montenegro

Speaking of Kills, How is your Big Brother doing Snow White???? Oh wait!!!

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Thanks you for the video. What software did you use to create it?

Ali Safa

Did anybody else relies that ty did all of the shots



Flippy Musa


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Such a cute pup!!

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That was the funniest video ever!!!