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gangster hubert 111

I know what you feel my dad died a few months ago and now I am fixed because of this channel

All i need is time and space


its defiantly panda

Tuấn Dũng Triệu

I like the BUBG video .Can you do it 1more video😂😂😂😂

Diamond Soldier



Battlefield y u bi spookie? ;_;

Meow Meow


Maria Martinez

I’m eating chips

Tsunamipoint1 videos

2014: No not now!2015: Shall we? NAH2016: Pretty close2017: Coming soon2018: WOW so close!2019: LoL iTs In YoUr ReCoMmEnDeD! HaVe FuN

Landon White

who is watching this in november 2017

Silver Avez

lol 3 scores there was the one at the beginning the jewelry heist the 2 fib scores the Trevor one with the sub and the big one. and your saying thats my opinion yeah i said that but what your not saying is that everything your saying is your opinion aswell and your practically just saying that everything your saying is fact.........also everyone likes gta san andreas more than any game your saying...... and also your probs addicted to gaming

just monika

Lol when she said hope I thought j hope

James Martinez

because you can not do it does not mean it is fake.Dude Perfect is legit

yongsheng xie

Woo hoo!!!!!!!

Jdtm Morrow

Like for panda reveal vid👇

Joezen Lopez

Oh so rachel is now working behind the scenes..... 😍😍😍


This is very motivating, it touches many people and shows that nothing stands in your way but being afraid... You can be whoever you want, whoever you desire, whatever it takes to fill that crevice of sadness and to be whole again.


Youtube messed up and wouldn't process the video so I had to reupload it. Anyway this is a great arcade game that had some great references, a lot that I didn't put in but I included some of my favourites. Also the episode of The Last of Us will be uploaded during the weekdays instead of next Sunday. I've almost finished the video and really wanted to upload it for you guys as I really like it. Thanks for Watching.



isabella esquivel

make more vlogs please !!

He means in the junk yard area, where you first get the gravity gun. You can make your way up to a ledge on your left from where you enter.

Igot7 Army

I thought you said red hair guy


I didn't know that was Anakin Skywalker XD

C currgirls

Who is the panda????


liz Baird

My high score is 64

Riley 26

I feel bad for her tbh she seems to have no life besides homework


power Super

Jovanny Silva

😳 Ps, or Xbox


Who else likes guess the guest


I don't get number 4

Davit Lursmanashvili

Assassins Creed reference: "Guess they never learn" LOL

Whitney anthony