Dog Calming 12 hours of relaxing Music for your Dog (Tested) music and songs music


Dog Calming 12 hours of relaxing Music for your Dog (Tested)

A page created by David Gutierrez who studied Animal Sciences and Animal health. All songs tested, meaning they will work for most breeds we can't obviously test all breeds. However, it is best that you find the right tones for your dog. It is also best that when you would like your dog or puppy to relax that petting and love begin at the same time the music starts. This is the same theory that Pavlov had with his dogs. When the bell would ring the dogs new it was time to eat when the tones, notes or chords begin with a song the dog will realize it is time for rest. It is very simple dog psychology. Adding pictures is a way to make the dogs feel that they are not alone especially if you only have one dog, but it is the music that makes the mind go to relax mode.You can now donate through Paypal by clicking the link on the home channel or the link below.Remember you can donate a little as a 1.00 if you whenever you like.It will help the channel grow and help find more resources to help your dogs. Regardless of donations the channel will always be here and I will work hard to keep bringing you the best music videos I can. Paypal LinkRemember Peace and Love, DGMusic Credit: Music only is creative commons not the videoMusic: The Tudor Consortsongs:02-Palestrina - Kyrie - Missa Sicut lilium inter spinasSong: 08- 8Pizzetti - Dies irae - Messa di RequiemAttribution: :


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