Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within (Official Music Video) music wme music


Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within (Official Music Video)

Christina Aguilera's official music video for 'The Voice Within'. Click to listen to Christina Aguilera on Spotify: featured on Stripped. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from Christina AguileraBeautiful: A Girl Wants: Gettin' Better: Christina AguileraWebsite: to Christina Aguilera on YouTube: great Ultimate Hits of the Noughties videos here: #TheVoiceWithin #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo---------Lyrics:Young girl, don't cryI'll be right here when your world starts to fallYoung girl, it's all rightYour tears will dry, you'll soon be free to flyWhen you're safe inside your room you tend to dream Of a place where nothing's harder than it seemsNo one ever wants or bothers to explainOf the heartache life can bring and what it meansWhen there's no one elseLook inside yourselfLike your oldest friendJust trust the voice withinThen you'll find the strengthThat will guide your wayIf you will learn to begin To trust the voice within

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I love ballastics <3

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Thanks for making this video. I'm a strongly advocate for a basic income. I think that anyone who assumes that most people will be utterly lazy and do nothing but reap the benefits is not looking at the world with a critical enough eye and merely ingesting whatever 'in the box' media throws at them or basing things on their own limited experiences. One other thing not touched upon here is that basic income could begin to put a decline on certain forms of crime. I wonder how much petty theft would start to erode if people had their basic needs met. I wonder how many people would feel the need to abuse drugs and alcohol if they had their basic needs met.


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I swear Tyler always wins


yup, there is no question that they are extremely talented...and moderately lucky

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