World's Most Heroic Emotional Music | Epic Music Mix - Vol.1 music and songs music


World's Most Heroic Emotional Music | Epic Music Mix - Vol.1

Artist Websites:Jo Blankenburg:▸ iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: In Action:▸ iTunes: Amazon: And Creatures:▸ Website: Broom:▸ Spotify: Chappell:▸ Itunes: Bandcamp: Amazon: Dooley:▸ Website: Legend:▸ Bandcamp: William Morgan:▸ Website: Free Download(limited): Malkin:▸ Website: Heidicke (Parademics):▸ YouTube: Of Silence:▸ iTunes - Amazon MP3 - Google Play - how to write (trailer)music - step by step:★Learn how to make trailer music for Hollywood trailers: how to make Cinematic Music: From Idea To Finished Recording: The Cinematic Music: The Essentials: "The Business Of Music Licensing": Music World Websites: ▸ Keep Me Alive (Donation): Epic Music World II: Facebook: Website: Patreon: Soundcloud: Instagram: 00:00 Jo Blankenburg - Hiraeth (Position Music)02. 03:01 Missing in Action - Fire and Ice03. 06:51 Jo Blankenburg - Argonaut (Position Music)04. 10:32 Jo Blankenburg - Meraki (Position Music)05. 13:45 Kings and Creatures - Fall Of Glory (Position Music)06. 16:57 Kings and Creatures - Starlight (Position Music)07. 19:20 Mitchell Broom - The Celestial08. 22:31 David Chappell - No Tomorrow09. 24:13 Missing in Action - Ashes Remain10. 27:14 Jo Blankenburg - Cronos (Position Music)11. 30:38 James Dooley - Ashen Lands12. 33:00 Missing in Action - Emberflame13. 36:51 Max Legend - Heroes Aren't Born, They're Made! (Epic Music World)14. 39:08 Joseph William Morgan - Awakening (Position Music)15. 41:19 PaulWernerMusic - Fate's Calling16. 45:21 Pete Malkin - Guardian17. 48:04 Jascha Heidicke - Day of Glory18. 52:22 Missing in Action - Resurrection19. 55:27 Missing in Action - Men of Honor20. 58:58 End Of Silence - Andrew's Song (IMAscore) ★Auto-Replay: by Realtime Motion Studios: By Satha: Satha On Paypal: Amazing Animations: And Their Amazing Artists: 01. Epic Music World Album Cover20. Info ©✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists.✔ This video was given a special license directly from the artists.✖ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this.➝ Please ask the artists and NOT me for permission !!!

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