Obie Bermudez - Antes music wme music


Obie Bermudez - Antes

Music video by Obie Bermudez performing Antes.

اجمل الأشياء ١٢

Fish and rice I ate watching you

Kage rage

Stay strong never give up I learn that from naruto

Deanna Hernandez

I don’t need to be with the popular kids, because me and the other nerds are popular enough.


again the holy hand grenade'?? ok...




Nedaa vevo1

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Queen Rina aka rinaqueenbaby.

Send pictures off google that looks like your body then it wouldn’t be any problems :3

syd SYR111

25:18 best part lol

My mum and dad broke up, it was so bad the police had to come and take my dad away, however he tried to Hurt a police so he got taken to a cell,

Lugile Hilario

Slay woman

Delaney Tesmer

I have depression, even tho I am 8 I do not wanna tell them because I am so young


@SubJuiced Yesss!


Poor dogs...

Liam platt

Do one at burnley turf moor

Rita Smith

Why does everyone's hair colour change?

Kaitlynn Hammel

Yo being adopted is really painful. I’m asian and i live in a white family. I have 3 racist brothers and they just make fun of me. The hardest thing is explaining to your friends that you are adopted because they ask you where your from ir if you still know the language of the place you were born in. The biggest pain i’ve faced was science class. The genetics topic made me feel sad and i hated it.

Molly Holland

I’m only eight years late 😂😂

gaming freak

I'm dude decent


This game is creepy as fuck

Mapel Sirup

holy shi-

Hawk Boisvert vlogs and more


Bailey George

awesome , what is the song?

Chandler: doesn't jump

Josephine Moore

5 hours of sleep...

Hi Peeps

My kitten is boyfriend

Soccer Soccer

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Mohibullah khan

Long time no see