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The Three Billy Goats Gruff | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

The Three Billy Goats Gruff can't wait to cross the bridge and eat the sweet green grass that's on the other side. But can they get past the Bad Old Toll without being eaten? ******❤️ Subscribe to our channel and receive updates of our totally new and original songs and Fairy Tales!→ you like what you hear, please also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and new songs! Insta: giggleboxforkidsFB: giggleboxofficialWe’d love to hear from you! Please send us your feedback, suggestions and comments on social media.****** english fairy tale fairy tail 3 billy goats gruff story for kids in english******#Threebillygoatsgruff #Gigglebox

ignis renza

What a beautiful ending💙

Joseph Malinowski

thanks tu! im a hockey tailgater

Lorelei Wood

Its like nirvana and rap had a baby and it's beautiful

Ban Ana

Based purely off your voice you must be a very sexy man.

Kacey Soto

Idk I kinda hate when people get sad about their child like it's just a human 😑

x2x _DDust

The same thing happend to me and i survived and im 12 right now

Liam Gradwell

Let’s be honest, with the last film, all the humorous moments were already in the trailer. This trailer is really something else, not giving away any humour at all and making the film looking freaking awesome!

Shattered Molecule

1600 g per week? Tf?

bhavya Behal

one in a million chip by rakiticin barça of cory

Kids, this is why you dont go out searching for crappy people when you're in trouble.

Fetty Wap

Guru I've been subbed since 100k subs your videos are getting better and better keep it up man :)


'Cause I don't wanna (No) play no games, play no games

Steven Trapp74

anyone else notice when ty spanked seguin and benn seguin said "ow"

Surprised Pikachu

The toy story scene is what I think heaven feels like

Cynthia Flores

leonardo dies by drill and keeps turning and hulk wants more. Why??!!! lol


1:30 That look you get after someone asks you to spit some original shit but you have nothing

Little kitty Loves

I was crying watching this story

Ashish Ashu

Your such a awesome guys

aan gamer

Next : liverpool

Sara Araiza

Que chida cansion


@Expirement115 The guy in the helicopter, his name is "Gaz"...

Jack Star

ok ok ok ok wait a second, so let me understand , Are you saying the programmers of those videogames are putting your name in them? really? oh dude it`s such amazing!!! P.S i`m from italy, don`t kill me for the grammar please ^_^