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Sushi with DavidSoComedy! | Behind the Scenes

Watch the Mukbang with David here: Instagram: Instagram: a citizen of Joemalia: Questions for Joe: Music: music: "Carefree" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0promoted by Audio Library by: Action PatrickCamera: Canon EOS M6 Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Jesse Molburn

Grayson talking about him having a daughter is the most wholesome thing ever


Indie Games have the best easter eggs

shadow killer 34

great vid guru

mishi le fishy

there's nothing wrong with a polygamous relationship.


The only use you'd have for that is some kind of party-talking thing, messaging and just comparing trophies/achievements, cross platform multiplayer is what the gaming industry needs, from what my own experience, I know that I could play a certain game with a friend while he was on his PC, and I was on my Xbox, some kind of Microsoft-Sony pact involving crossplatform multiplayer would be like a dream come true.

Andrew Champy

Of course he likes nickelback

Not anymore 😂🤔


Dude Perfect™ - Cum Shot

Just. WOW.

Yorez GT

people wacth this again to remember the old guy

Nanadan Singh


Sophie Renee Ferguson

Tyler would be a bear

Sean Bower

It's so sad to know that I can kick a soccer ball farther than all of them.😂

Riley Hornbeck


Gabby Sidikpramana

how does this narrator know all this in Alex's head, I was waiting for it to say" and how do I know this?because I am Alex!" but I never happened and what happened to Alex?

Jade Chan

Girl I can relate my friend grabbed me w/o permission we don't talk much but we're still friends

Dr. Ristic

Mom:So yea you get B+


Wtf is this

Starlight Cat

Omg this story made me cry 😭 and while I'm typing this I am still crying up a storm this is so sad don't give up hope girl you can do it

SHooketh London

I Just Went Through Health Class... I Feel Painful

Ana Gonzalez

These comments are funny but I pray most of the stupid people are just trying to fake ignorance and get a rise out of easily offended people however OCD is real and I’d never wish it on anyone. All I feel is sorrow for ignorant people who belittle the slight of others because of their illnesses, may God bless all of those that are suffering with Obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Karim Rahaman

Do a face reveal


This is the danger of the Pro Ana community if you want to listening to these people food is essential for your body everything is okay weight usually doesn't matter

Grace Segreti

Hi tati!! i love you so much !! you are so kind and intelligent and hard working. You make all my days a little brighter :) thank you so much

Chuchus Chee

The enemy health bar is a NO NO , just apply it on enemy boss.


Winter is come home at last


Do Easter eggs for the Martian I saw some when I went to see it yesterday