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Sueños Compartidos

Charlie Falcon

*Invites Dylan to be in a video**makes him moving cameraman*

Puppy of Rosie TWD

This is why young girls in uk get their needle in grade 8 so they don’t get cancer in their down below area

I Main Glaz

Tennessee whiskey. I heard it. I heard it

Fiery Hand Of the Heavens

lol 1;32

Crystal Riedel

I hope they end up finding out that their parents are actually alive. The troll saying “the past is not what it seems” gives me hope


Mario would be jealous.



Hero MX

Last Easter Egg "Samantha" Really hit me. it wasn't sad... but just... It was really something.

Swinger Man

just hit them with "no u" and they will be uglier than you.

Cameron Crank

Why do we need school

Mavey Wavey

Wait....then how old are you right now? .... •-•

Dont worry About it

No one ever throws the grenades

day 4: not as much

Jason Grey

Just want to say that this song is Overhyped!!

Ian kearns

Wow. What a nice camera and Mic can do

Black Panther

Ios and Android

ShellSean Belote

Their shotguns look like combat shotguns from fortnite

Presley Haight

This is minute videos and this is 11 minutes

adam cormier

lmfao i love how he jumps on the tree and it breaks LMAO

a ten year old that is obsessed with the game

also the jumpscare thing is fake

monica bolden

Whyd it happen on my birthday ;-;


The pool party 😆

Nolan Camp

You guys are literally G.O.A.Ts🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

blacksmith animation

that was from the end of Seven.

dan leanne


Joshua Garcia

I would fake my death


At 1:10 he tried to shake hand

Amanda Rohs

Ty umm u look like uhhhhh oh u look like u LOL