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SUD - Sila (Lyric Video)

Save The Day and twitter -@SudMusic

Yeah, me too.

Luis Molina

Where is chanel

Yoona Ateez promise

4M 💕💕❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻

chad ponce

this song is in dead ops (black ops)

Maurício Fernandes



Could have showed characters they voice in the introduction instead of their facebook pics...

Rainbow PopShart

read again dude I said and I quote "its just not as good as grand theft auto" I think gta is way better its just saints row is more goofy/wacky which is funny compared to the serious vibe of gta

George munson

Sean Townsend is panda now

Arnau García

Who is the first guy??

Jakob Klaerke

I don't get it

ryan Pinheiro

Na na na hey hey goodbay


Why would you want to make a memorial to your daughter scary?

Ruth Keys

Aleena doing us all injustice by dating this fine ass man smh 😪


So, how do you take requests?

Me: You're reading the comments section

Gamer4eto BG

This is cruel :(

Bro Dude

Listen Coby u r my favourite from the dude perfect team so focus and beat that bearded man

Shark fan of the sea

ok, there is strip clubs in the star wars universe? eeh



natalija m

eh to ti je srbija


are you can look it up on spotify and listen to it wile your playing the DLC map, or a different map

Make so many over times

carlettuce 139

The call of duty Ghost saving pvt Ryan isn't just that game it's also call of duty World at war when a burning Japanese soldier comes out and surprises pvt Ryan and you have to save him( it depends on how fast you are of saving him before he burns to death)

Chase Rogers

Like if I’m 2018

Ru McK

Did Close Encounters not come out before A New Hope? 

Justin Aragon

I was the 666th person to like

Anonymous Gaming

Sooner the items and weapons in this game will be so overpowered until the game is unplayable.

Jeremy Harris

Lol well I can throw a frisbee 20 times until it goes in and edit the video too!

Mr Pylak

Good to see you Chief. Let’s get to work.

Ethan : welcome back to another sister squad video *No just kidding we’re the holy trinity *

Kays Family

It’s a girl!


Empire State building

Easy tiredness.

justine channel

The rage monster

Cxnr -

Next up:

🐶 Doggy Days 🐶

actually.... tigers can swim pretty well..

Crystal Dai

130 pounds is fat?? wtf that’s being a skinny legend I’m 176 and my body shape isn’t obese at all. I’m mega confused

S0DA p0p

I watched all yr parts on this

Sheila Berdiel


M Rabeez

part2 3 4

Yut Cecelia

No dont said u r stupid u r good girl