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Studio 2-1-2 Vol 1

Ziriv2008 Minecraft Gamer

Ty was singing Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft. Charlie XCX in Round One.

Niall Naqvi

Look I know this might be mean but if your fat then lose weight. Being overweight is a health risk so not every size is healthy. Now if you were a little chubby then that's fine but when your overweight that's a problem. And losing weight will make be you look better and you'll feel better. Now what the guy did was very rude but being overweight is still a problem, instead he should of just encouraged you to lose weight without hurting your feelings. Now theirs a different between overweight and a little fat. If your a little fat it's not that big of a deal but overweight can lead to death. And listening to what she said shes overweight.


Two of them were no dunks

I can’t believe!

Howard Pickett

Nice job guys


Hey @FunWithGuru  :D Why don't you do a "Video game reference in movie" ? That'd be great, original and fun !


#YIAYjob She secretly works for LWIAY behind your back.

Fr4ncisco R3yes

Wow Sean Garnier


Sweetie I just saw your snap story I'm so sorry I know it happens and I support you so much I love you it's all going to be okay all the people that say that anything about you is fake needs to just keep their thoughts o themselves or post something positive because you never know what someone is going through. Again I love you so much and you can take all the time that you need and want. I wish you and all the people around you the best. Just take care okay. Love you, bye😊🖤🖤


hell ya new vid!!

Salomé Carrasco


Salvador Buenrostro

Jake The gamer



Lukas Slager

Ice fishing is my favorite thing to do on earth


seems like she doesn't have everything...someone to hold all four of her giant shopping bags.

Hannah Balch

Dude pearfect

12:04 Red vs. Blue is now microsoft's targets

Yara Oliveira


Hey ItzAngelica

My bully kept bullying me in elemantary school... And OH BOYY! I WAS SAVAGE AF

Dragonslayer Music

This is my exact same story!


Please don't stop now.

Austin mertins

Everybody knows that this takes a couple of tries before it can actually be posted


Bro where can I buy the shirt you wearing

starlight x

If I say something random...

Tofu Gacha and More!

I have anxiety/panic attacks almost everyday some worse than others.It sometimes stops me from doing fun things. The worst thing is is that I get jealous,I get jealous that my sister's can go around and have fun without having controlling thoughts that make them freak out. And also remembering when I could be like THEM and be "normal" again. Sometimes even thinking about being "normal" makes me cry.

cHug JuGgie

They look like stick mans so funny XD