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Children of the Night by Puppet

This took me like forevar to make! I hope you enjoy! I will be posting some of the deleted scenes/images on my deviant art! All animations by me!The images in the begining of the video and end, I found on deviant art and Tumblr. (I am unable to crop them out due to the number of views!)The fnaf logo, was edited by me a little.Original Audio: "Children of the Night" Princess Luna from MLPThe image of the family silluette and heart was found on google..Hope you liked this video hyoomans! Remember to share, like and comment!Be sure to subscribe for more videos!also on Instagram and Twitter as “AThingFromSpace” Want to commission me for a fursuit? Visit my website:

Ayman :D

awesome threading the needle

Milky milk

This is beautiful and very touching. Thank you for this great story.

Rhonda Bollinger

i (i think) typically go a month without showering cuz i always have a fear that it will horridly wrong!

Mark Hirst

Dude perfect is awsome

Naruto uchiha

I really thought my cat was outside my door lol

Freak Dreak

She should help the avengers

michael gallegos

that dunk at 1:40 massive


Did anyone else see Sefton Hill in the crowd of reporters during the Knightfall protocol? Look back to where they showed Vicki Vale, I swear that was Sefton Hill to the right of her.

its yo homie

I always have suicidal thoughts that they can stop.Help me please...

Elizabeth 1st

Once Life asked Death ‘Death, why do people love me but hate you?’

Kiwi Animations

That's so.... COOOOOOOL!


Y did you want to start an Easter egg Channel

Landon Moore

The blurry

Melanie Gatins

I think it was Subway

Tiago V.S.

do the nuketown wheeping angels kill you if you don't turn back like in the show ?


Purple hoser got to do 0 trick shots and Ty did 11 trick shots!

Greninja Playz

I counted 26

Aradia Megido



There's another where Rule #1 pops up as an achievement for getting a character max cardio. Zombieland reference.

Stacia Morgan

it bounced 22times2019

My Best Friend Made Me Emo

Some random person wanting to waste 4 minutes: hey how can I waste 4 minutes?Me: watch Dude Perfect’s bro mo


Powerful 😍

Davica Ousman



i have that longboard

Rylie Eisenhard

You should melt it and mix it with hydrogen peroxide

Niklas Sandblom

you are not Elon musk

Sophia Zheng

9:49, HA!! YEA RIGHT!!! PUH-LEASE, I figured out that I can fight back before my middle school years started!

sponge fan

My favorite dizzy fail was when garret went the wrong way from the baseball


In this universe drake didn't exist so the curse hit the country and turned everyone into mushroom mutants

netherblaster600 netherblaster600

Carson Wents

Qeti Shaverdashvili

I em all fan in dude perfect but i em big fan of tylar


"I knew she was doing it for attention"

Brendan Tjeerdsma

My favorite battle. It was a huge “Blast”

at first i thought it said "Dota" lol

That Channel That Exists :\

February 2019 anyone or February 2020?


That panda should be in track and field

Sharkboy 200

Do an some trick shots with the Kc Chiefs

Blamo Wamo

all the dislikes are the ex's friends

Caleb Sills

You should have the rock or Bruce Willis do a challenge

How does that make him heartless?

Leah Thompson

how does he fire mr toots?


I bet for The Ball Hunter, they placed balls, made sure Cody knew exactly where they were, then collected them.

Cold Player

guy, it was awesome, totally love it. with yoủ skill about throw blitzball, baseball and more, how about try throw card playing, same technic of hand but harder. just a hint ^^. y'all rock

TechPHd ka Genius

Will it 🏆🗽broke TITANIC Movie record

Jelly Bean

I’ve already gone to get help.. since I was 4 my mother has been sending me to a doctors..but I’m still so depressed.. nothing is being able to he,p me.

RC Collins

Is fieldhouse dphq2

Rachel Toh

Third wheels am I right