1 Hour Beethoven Brahms and Mozart Lullaby ♥♥♥ Super Relaxing Bedtime Baby Music ♫♫♫ Sweet Dreams music axomlive.com music


1 Hour Beethoven Brahms and Mozart Lullaby ♥♥♥ Super Relaxing Bedtime Baby Music ♫♫♫ Sweet Dreams

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Benjamin and Christopher Orozco

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Robert Donato

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Desmond Laughlin


Elizabeth and Kaylee show !!!

I’m 8 and I eat like 29 pounds per day soooo ye.

AV Vories

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To all those arguing for or against adoption... I feel that adoption is solely based on the beliefs and wants of the individual. My sister and I are adopted from China, and we have a very happy family. I don’t think that because we are adopted, our parents love us any less. Sometimes, I feel like they love us more because we lived in very deplorable conditions in China, and they brought us to America and gave us a better life with a lot of opportunity. It probably also helps that we were adopted very young, less than a year old. I see how it really does make sense that it’s harder to bond with an older child, like a toddler or a teenager, because they already learned certain habits from other families or orphanages. Some babies have attachment issues as well, because they are traumatized from having to leave their biological mother, but with TLC and a lot of therapy, the baby will become as close to the mother as any other child. My sister had attachment issues, but she is now completely fine, and she loves my parents

Whindy Astuti

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1:54 is that morgz coping mr beast in a fictional world aswell?

Holly Isaac

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I don't fear death, I want to die. I fear doing it myself, I want it to just happen. I also fear what will happen to everyone I leave behind.


0:58 The hell (sorry about my HP references but), that looks like a Patronus but nah xD


Thank you - i've had all of the symptoms mentioned, for a very long time. i try to get through my existence and daily life with them, but i very often end up in a very dark place.

Katherine Mansfield

Is it bad that I would have paid a big dude to be sexually violating John to make him know how I felt? 😂

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Nithish Magician

Every Subscriber Will Be Waiting For The Rage Monster

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I am always conflicted. It always sucks that it's a short video but it's still awesome that it's Guru's video.



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Braxton Hester

Found some good ones but totally missed the obvious Darth Vader reference



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_ GZS_

The back, the normal way, the mouth, the penguin style and inverted penguin style

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A truly beautiful video. Thanks for this


You also forgot the easter egg where you can find the head in a beach somewhere, he is seen in the Far Cry Experience in Youtube.

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NHL Bros

i am the guy ho is standing while he plays

Brookie Is great

My nan died and all I think about is where is she and what is she doing now death scares me soo much and yet I want to experience it and come back to tell my family what happens and not to worry

Amy Lee



check out my longshot in the video responses


A friend of mine is in the same condition i hope he is ok

Lovely_Bella_Puffy Playz

Remember Ricardo Looks Cant Stop you for who you are because ur a person too noting can change that im happy for you You are handsome who the way you are Ok?

Code Moon

you know you could have gone to marriage counselling before hand... or taken a break.... you didn't REALLY NEED to go with another girl, and also what happened to the kid??? jesus she must hate him

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Emilia Charlie Duerre Watson

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The jousting part


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