Leonardo Favio - Fuiste Mía un Verano (Official Audio) music ghzy music


Leonardo Favio - Fuiste Mía un Verano (Official Audio)

Music video by Leonardo Favio performing Fuiste Mía un Verano (Official Audio). (C) 2018 Sony Music Entertainment Argentina S.A.

Lynn cashman

l am so sorry


You guys did amazing !

cat angel 4000 - Minecraft, Roblox and more!

I'm the smugglerLike if you are too

Angel Cocio

what is the first game called??? anyone


a tip if u complete all the six dungeons of rumus (i forgot his name) u get fucking pro armour :D

Aaron Palomino

Patricia Gutierrez

-._-. So he raged because gurls won. And breaks everything whats DA point?


“*SoCcEr*”- Americans

Vaas Montenegro

Funny how the elevator (near 1:28) actually LOOKS like a bathysphere :D


Theres soemthing majestic about watching a Goat doing a leap of faith Or well Fail in this case


I'm the human controllerReply who you are

Sketchy_Mini_ Raps

Look at the bad trash phone if your in 2019

Aji Setiawan


Juliana Playz gacha

watches video

Kevin Brady

Whos your cameraman dp

RosieDaCrazyDog _

You sound like Funneh

RJK trickshots

I could get all of those in....


Dude, I wish I love how professional you are with everything. You're one of the few people's videos I consistently watch whenever I see them in my sub box.

Siren Animations

I thought that was previously cannon. Was that just me?

Garrett Horsch

My man zeke is in the video. Is there any way I can like it more than once?


i know im getting old, when i have no idea who asher angel is..


There is another song on the jukebox in L4d2, its done by the codemonkey's guy it pretty funny and then it spawns horde on u :C