How Great Thou Art with lyrics performed by chris rice music music


How Great Thou Art with lyrics performed by chris rice

How Great Thou Art with lyrics


That end message. Guru we all love you and never want you to leave us. Don't go .-.


Damn I missed some bangers when I was bootcamp

Harshit Singh

You missed THE DANCER!!


Paul Thongkham

In chemistry class used to burn magnesium ribbon for an experiment its so bright when it burns.

aj easterday

new york yank


you are very lucky to survive! well done!!!!!!!!


Derpiton Mcherpiton

Never knew Charles Xavier was a psychopath...

William Wentz

12:04 eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww

Chuck Fina

Obviously childish-looking 3000 year old little anime girl: *exists


Jesus fuck, was not expecting a guy commiting sudoku like that.


You should do a boomerang battle for coby to win something lol (maybe)

Ganesh Jachak

Very nice


the thing ty does at the very beginning is awesome

Krysta Carey

do a part 2

Meng Vesal


Aradamara 21


You're totally wrong xD, these things are called "Reavers" and they had appeared in the Gears of War universe since Gears of War 1. Also Gears is older than Beyond Two Souls, so there´s no sense saying that.


I’m just waiting for John Wick: Chapter 4: Burning Cities

But God

So, while Westerners like to demonize us (we did some horrible stuff, but this topic doesn't have to do anything with it), you have to see the other side of the story

Michelle Moore

VgffgvybybgvggvK, k,l,l.ogBut uhHHGBlvlfH.bHBBGvffc

YoUrMoThEr Plays roblox


Teo Robles



What!?!?! My mom is like this

Hoi4 Gamer

of course no

Callie Sommers

I am the creepy girl knawing on a cookie in the corner

Sarah Schofield

okay, the white bar is for 1PT but who cares you guys are AWESOME!!!!

Went through the pain, now I'm lettin' loose

bianca mi

ugh one day i had a super long panic attack for no reason and it scared me so much that i started depersonalizing and i haven’t been able to stop since. yay

Matthew Alvarez

I happen to be a diabetic and I think this girl is awesome for helping people with diseases by participating in walks.

Pooperman123 Jelly123

I’ve seen someone do 1000 in a row and 100. Caps

Gladion's Marshmallow

Oh great now I’m crying

Raindrop ASMR

5:02 theoretical vs experimental probability

Brittany Scherze

omg i cannot wait seriously this looks like the best palette yet i still want the blood sugar palette but omg idk if i'll even need it now i wish it was gonna be out sooner the 21st is too far away and I'm watching this today Tuesday june 11th!! lol!!! Need this, I already know it's gonna sell out within an hour of coming out so ima be up all night on the site to get that bitch!!!!! lmao


There is also a MW2 Easter egg it mentions TF-141


Mama Hes A Real Panda :D

Lucy Gamble

1 like = 1 panda prayerpray for panda


Dont wanna break it to you, but, we already talk and act like in the video, soooooo.... Its no suprise!!!

Gui Di

#16 Trending on México, no joke.

Villagerpower38 Hill

Maybe the ability was Imposter


I like michael, he give out cool stuff =)

camkill origin

Where did she get water

fener bahçe


This made me almost puke

David Perez

First of all, you guys don't even know how to play stupid basketball. All of your shots are edited and fake! Secondly, this game is crap. And doesn't deserve to be on my phone!  What a couple megabytes wasted!!!!!!! I HATE THIS GAME. AND I HATE THESE STUPID EDITED "TRICK" SHOTS!!!!! >:[]

Marko Sekuljica

Now I want to try out Emily is away :D

Sultan Isjad

I love air traffic control tower shot

Minute videos...