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TLC - Unpretty (Official Video)

TLC's official music video for 'Unpretty'. Click to listen to TLC on Spotify: featured on Fanmail. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from TLCWaterfalls: Scrubs: great Classic RNB videos here: TLCWebsite: to TLC on YouTube: wish could tie you up in my shoesMake you feel unpretty tooI was told I was beautifulBut what does that mean to youLook into the mirror who's inside thereThe one with the long hairSame old me again today (yeah)My outsides look coolMy insides are blueEverytime I think I'm throughIt's because of youI've tried different ways But it's all the sameAt the end of the day I have myself to blameI'm just trippin'#TLC #Unpretty #Vevo #RandB #VevoOfficial

Kale Plays

Do Tom Brady

Joselita Maria




Space Duck Industries

Where did shooting trickshots go


1:31 I have the same football hahayou earn a sub for having same football as me and being beastly

The crazy bros Channel

Anyone watching 2019 like me!?


So... the Big foot one, if you dont ain directly at hin, the wont disppear.

Jeron Playz

This wouldn't of happened if the instructor released the first parachute...

Sabrina Beaudoin

Ah, I love creepy stuffs! :3 <3

Angel Salazar

No red no no


The player coach is beyond annoying, and the foul guy.


maaaaan you are the best

Maria Hernández


↠ Dreams ↞

Aw 😭😭


Sonic vs mario

4rtnite Bosses

Think about it hockey Crosby mcdavid price

Marie's Real Husband

I've never been to Texas Roadhouse, but I've been to Outback several times. Outback has the Bloomin' Onion though, which is one of the best culinary concoctions of all time.

LeftDoggo RightDoggo

J-Fred Looks like if Tanner and Matthias had a kid. He looks like Tanner and sounds like Matthias.

itzgacha wolf

Michael Jackson...

Tori Artistic Marine

Wattpad has entered the chat

Gaige White 05

You should get a trampoline park and foam pit

Justin Palmer

This is so accurate it hurts


Hi other

Milan Kocurišin

You spoiled the final reaction just in the intro

Outcast Bearz

the music you listen to, i would think you are a cool guy to hang out with and is really smart.

Muk Champ

You need your own pool in office

Sam Waldman

This is the first "character" I've ever liked and laughed at. Please bring him back


seems like every easter egg in this game is related to other games of the same company i really don't like that

Landon Da Cuber

Love it!

Sahaan Lawrence

Who’s watching because it starts tomorrow?

Fnaf real Foxy 2

I fell bad I hop you are ok


love this, but you missed one. wile quiet is in her cell listening to music, one of the songs that plays is the theme to Snake Eater.

TJ McGovern


Tom Brady


*Emotional voice speaking about how her family is sick and close to dying* Vid Producer: Now let's add some upbeat music to it! :D

Man of still

Wait for the emote wait for the emote ...... THERE IT IS !!!


Why does every time a plunger hits something it does the same exact sound effect