TWICE - Happy Happy (트와이스/トゥワイス - Happy Happy) [Color Coded Lyrics/Kan/Rom/Eng/가사] music bcbs music


TWICE - Happy Happy (트와이스/トゥワイス - Happy Happy) [Color Coded Lyrics/Kan/Rom/Eng/가사]

Making Korean food that TWICE also likes. Home Cooking! I love it.초간단 한식요리, 배고프면 클릭!!CLICK! ▷ ◁BY-LEMORINGAll Rights Administered By JYP Entertainment.★Thank you for watching!★♥ Sorry for any mistakes ♥★ Please Subscribe ME! :) ★Request song here : TWICE (트와이스)Track: Happy HappyAlbum: Happy HappyRelease : 2019.07.17트와이스TWICEHappy HappyTWICE Happy Happy LYRICSTWICE Happy Happy트와이스 Happy Happy트와이스 Happy Happy 가사트와이스 Happy Happy LyricsTWICE Happy Happy 가사TWICE Happy Happy MVTWICE Happy Happy SHOWCASETWICE Happy Happy 뮤비トゥワイストゥワイス happy happyトゥワイス happy happy lyricshappy happy lyricstwice happy happy lyricshappy happy トゥワイスJYP레모링Lemoring#TWICE #트와이스 #HappyHappy #トゥワイス

Vidal Gutierrez

This just inspired me bigtime... Real talk; this 🔥 The marathon continues Rip Nipsey 😥


I commented - in bed. no like literally

Kuhntee Nyctiproc

Lol, Fuck the ask cj button. The "Launch Missiles" button catches my eye a little more. XD

Takanashi Shin

I see another dlc in the ending


what do you think about expensive stuff in video games that doesn't give you advantage, just cool looking things? (cs:go skins, dota arcana, unusual weapons from tf2 etc.)

Deus Vult

The first reference is made to the icicle on team fortress 2


4:28 😐🤐

Fox Fur

I'm so sad...... Your poor mother... :'(

VaryUploader 22

I’m very sorry that you had to go through all of that


Too bad all us sane folk gotta wait 6 more months for the game to come to Steam.

Mysteryp0rtal TV

It's so dramatic and I'm loving it. The animation is stunning and I'm actually hyped to see this!🤩


You also hear Isaac breathing if you stand close enough to the helmet.


I know Im an eleven year old with a fortnite profile picture, but I know for a fact I have anxiety. The moment I see a car, I sweat buckets. The moment there's more than about 6 people near me, I'm wringing my hands. Also, the moment someone says "hi" or "well done" I panic and say something I know i will regret later.

Alyssa Fish

She actually needs to chill she is really annoying. Like calm tf down!


Surely you do a 2022 World Cup edition!!

Georex Zarov

I hate people that say "if you disliked the video you have no heart"I hate them so much


funny moment playing bed

Luca Krauß

One easter egg I encountered happened in the quest with the spoon key. You have to find a cooking studio of a chef called Gor'Thon. A nod to Gordon Ramsay perhaps.

Princess Kitty

I love the fact that at 6:55. The live heart in the corner has the autism awareness sign on it

Specter Zero

Guybrush :D

I don't even know what type I am 😂😂😂


No, I mentioned it in the video.


Grey Wolf Sif made it into Pokémon. Praise the Sun!

Tanay Jones

The part that hit me the hardest is when she said they were spoused to get married this year 🤧😢

Mary Quillian

Two bullets hit each other

Pedro Guzman


Joshua Hall


I know, someone already told about this

Abigail Fisette

Mena, you had a reason. She asked you not to tell. That was trying to respect her. I get it though. I would feel selfish if that happened. It makes me sick that people are joking about this.


I......I don´t feel good Mr Guru



Austin Montez

Guru, You are the best at finding this stuff but how did you not see the name tag at 2:04?

Hardcore Halo

keep it up guys. God bless you all.

Данил Задорожный

Hello mate Do you know what I thought? And I thought you should be the king of YouTube, only you. Or not what they would become, but rather help the PewDiePie in this difficult battle. Or, as I said, become the king of YouTube and stop this battle. Just dial another 60-70 million. subscribers. :))))))))

Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The word psychopath sounds badass

Thien Phuc

Why she so looks like Amanda Cerny


4:58 the only thing giant is the length of that neck Jesus freakin Christ