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Why can’t people understand this 🙄

ALL LIFE craft

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paula stiernberg


Isaiah Salting

3:40 😂😂

Lg V490

You coppied ksi lol :D

Мега Позетивчик

Есть русские?

Ch1py & Ch1py



I fell in love with (the show, not the character) Thomas the Tank Engine when I was a Baby. Even when I was 4, I continued to watch the show, day after day and episode after episode. Despite me getting bullied every day I still loved the show. I was introduced to it via the Shining Time Station VHS Tapes that my Mom previously owned. I collected the Take Along range of toys, for years upon years. Collected the other merchandise (DVDS, VHS Tapes and old and rare Thomas-y artifacts) for years and years. When I was about 6 or 7, I started getting more into the Internet. I was only really a Youtube Watcher and a Roblox Player when I was 4, but when I was 6 or 7 I found out about more websites. Like Scratch and Steam, and I was already suffering from depression at that point in time, because of the harassment and abuse from classmates and even Teachers for being who I am. But it was oh so delightful when I found out there there was people just like me! People that enjoyed Thomas, despite not being "babies" like the people at School said. When I was at that age, I discovered the Thomas the Tank Engine Community. I asked my Mom about it and what she told me made me so happy. She was just like me when she was my age! She was 11 years old and loved Shining Time Station! She essentially passed on that love for the amazingly written books that were originally published in the mid 40s. I still remain in the Thomas the Tank Engine fandom to this day, and have made so many friends. It's been really great for me. Don't let other people bully you into changing yourself. Be proud of what you enjoy, and continue to do what you always do. :)


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Nice !

Christopher Hernandez

I live in Texas

V Play’z

Wtf I thought Ann was real 🤣


So how did the gopnik used Adidas and named a song name three stripes (tripaloski) but the story I learned about it

dhananjay jadhav


Lance Blais

I miss the OG Rainbow Six

Cheddar Offical

you also survived from a piranha tough 3:05

thx if you read this

rouzbeh ba


n a m e l e s s

1:01 you could have at least TOLD us your aunt was a ditto

Deepti Gupta

The rage monster one was soooo disappointing .I didn't exept that from you

Jennifer Rock



Too bad the game is dead

Aiden Hall

Were almost half way through 2019 and people are still putting 2019 anyone?

l Love FootBall

60 yard

hunter anderson

Wow this guy’s better than Gordon Ramsey

Kenneth Moore


Davis The Tank Johnson

I know what we came for... that wii sports egg!

Gemini Jake

Dude was just protecting his girl...i would have socked Lowry in the ear lobe...


I used to be the snoozer, when the movie is boring.Looking at you Shin godzilla

Alonso Arteaga

Tom brady