The Wizard of Ahhhs by Todrick Hall ft. Pentatonix music music


The Wizard of Ahhhs by Todrick Hall ft. Pentatonix

Get a personalized video from me! on iTunes: Todrick:newest project, The Wizard of Ahhhs featuring the INCREDIBLE group Pentatonix.Also check out Pentatonix's social media and show them some love, @PTXOfficial on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram!Medley:Todrick Hall, Alex Kirk, Scott HoyingArranged:Ben Bram, PTX, Todrick HallMixed:Ed Boyer

... HMMM

Lakshmi Vemu

Ty why did you dq coby

Megan Z

when you've felt all these things for the past four years straight


Im so pissed they dont have it for PC

ShadowStrike Gaming & Vlogs



Flashback to when I was loved frozen so much..


Victor Gromoff

i just punted a football and landed on the tip and im just a kid

Dad: “Isn’t that your username”

Ayra Hussaini - Dolson PS (1449)


Dark warrior

i need a rc car

Try intermittent fasting where you only eat for a certain amount of hours and don't eat for the rest of the hours. Most effective ratio has been 16:8, eat anything for 8 hours and fast for the rest. Or try a keto diet but it will be challenging if you don't have the right foods.

Paint Jenny

A thing happened to me, once. When I woke up in the morning, I felt odd. Then the whole day, my friends kept talking about the day before and how I had been acting so weird. I asked them “what’s the day today ?” TWICE because I couldn’t believe it. It’s just wrong because I realized the day before and that day weren’t even successive... It felt like I had missed something.. Friends told me about the things that I had done the day before and I was surprised. I didn’t remember a thing! My calendar wasn’t even had a tick on. That night before going to bed, I forced myself to remember and told myself :”Don’t disturb my life you Extra person inside me. I don’t need you”. Since then, nothing similar has happened. I don’t know if it was just me losing memories or it was actually another personality but I never want that thing to happen ever again!!!

Scarlett Wolfy

I'm bi and single

Bee Gamer

whelp second placce

Caty Galgano

Now we know where Professor Hulk gets his clothes! 1. No long intro.

Nelitha Priyawansha

Garrett's base ball shot is failed!!!!!




Brad Larkins

You got the ring stuff

Addam Robin

0:11 when she does this, you're about to have the succ of your life

bugie 2000

the demonic laugh from gears 3 is actually a locust

fras seedahmed

My dad heard " Nudes " instead of " Noodles ".

Luke Ewald

Christmas story Think of that Cody

Fortnite Kings

I Cry Above What Happend With Hanbin (B.I) But Now I Feel Good After Listening This Song ♥️ Twice Is My HappinesNet ♥️

GoingWithTheFlow TM

I'm so glad I subbed to this channel I'm really interested in Easter Eggs 👍🏼

Praise Machonisa

Minute videos you've done it again

first he says " I am Speed"


Mr. Toots! Thats from FreddieWs video :D Also, great ester egg video btw!


How'd they get so good at throwing these I find it kinda hard

Shae Naidoo


De Facto

If you liked the video, this should be blue

Paul Beeson

Wow now it’s 2019😧

xXBOSSXx 942

Old days

Misbah Kancil

mantap👍 salam dari Indonesia

Wolfpack 6810

I feel you. Type one diabetes runs in my family (don't ask how) and my dad is diabetic


Ah yes, the YouTube algorithm has brought us here all together again

Rocco Mowat


Rous Chheoung

Play fishing in a iPhone games

James Cughan

I Would Love To Get In The Tank Wth DP

Zedekiah Fister

Mathias you've probably heard before that you look just like Joey from team edge

A Channel With No Videos //Generated Alex

3:06 panda lost his head 😂


More videos :) PLEASE

Kingjames 123

Fire 🔥

mahrish x

How did I get here

Ahnaf Hananda

When the last one, what is he grab to make the unicorn fart.?

Logan Singer

6:12 This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!

Anas 555

Fc barcelona leo messi


im fucking crying, i thought he broke up with her and i was mad at him,, but when i heard he died my heart couldn't do it

Also happy new year Funwithguru!

Dan Delaney

This is it. This is the height of news ladies and gentleman