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Sleep Meditation for Children | THE SLEEPY SLOTH | Bedtime Sleep Story for Kids

Download latest Meditation for Kids Mega Packs here: of our best Kids Meditations at a reduced price!Download our Kids Albums: available from iTunes: FREE Guided Meditation for Kids: this Sleep Meditation for Children you will take a trip to the home of a colourful sloth family in the rainforest...Enjoy relaxing in their amazing treetop lodge with hi-tech speaker sytem which blasts out relaxing music whilst you lay back in your deck chair on the veranda and have a little snooze....This Bedtime Sleep Story for Kids is great for: Sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Relaxation and expanding the imagination!#kidsmeditation #kidssleep #meditationforkids======================================================We at New Horizon share with you: Guided Meditation, Relaxing Music, Kids Meditation, Guided Meditation for Children, Kids Relaxation, Bedtime Stories, Sleep Meditation for Children, Mindfulness for kids, Sleep Talk-down, Sleep Meditation, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Guided Visualization, Meditation and Relaxation for Kids and Adults of all ages.An idea may be to unwind with your child, listening to this peaceful meditation together...bliss!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------feel free to like, comment and subscribe :-)======================================================If you enjoy our videos then please subscribe to our channel where we will be posting free weekly high-quality Guided Meditations and Sleep Stories:our Downloads (Higher Quality)--------------------------------------------------------------------CD Baby:Play:to find us---------------------------YouTube:of our Popular Playlists-------------------------------------------------Guided Meditation for Children: Music/Sleep Music for Children: Meditations for Kids: Meditations for Adults: Music:


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