Nkuwangaaze By Maureen Nantume Ugandan Music 2019 music bcbs music


Nkuwangaaze By Maureen Nantume Ugandan Music 2019

A Brand New Song NKUWANGAAZE from Songstress Maureen Nantume.Dedication to all Love Birds world wide. Hope you Love it and remember to subscribe to YouTube channel....Produced By: Crouch Jeeb Records

Colin King

They Are Sponsored and they get money for doing this kinda stuff last time i remembered they were sponsored by GMC

elamations 101

I was born 8 months. And i survived... but my little bro... idk.. i think it was 3 months or... idk why he died... but i think my mom said it was cause he was born 3 months... and he didn't make it... i would always imagine what would life be with my bro.... But for now... Im just letting him be in peace. And not complain too much... This story tho... it just reminds me of me and my little bro....

Spaghetti Sauce

2019 anyone?

Nik Sam

This family likes stripes

Ghost Bob0


Doris Ong



I feel like this could be me.. But I'm still going to school.

Breezy Nation 1k

Am i the only one wondering if the mist is real?

Pedro Witz

I'm a simple man

Claire Whitlock

Your Pants AndShirts Are Backwards

Suhendro Wihtono

Hey can you guys make a school stereotypes pls

Bonus Ducks!

Can I have first



Aurora's Random Time

Doing small things that leads to big out comes, you actually may have saved a life. Or broke a Pinentchel chane if abuse when the child grows up.

Jade Luna

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i love you guyssss!!!

Karla Kirk

This is so sexist, I can fight any boy I'm even stronger than most of the boys at my school,god dang

Jake Conlee

I remember watching this when you guys first released it. Pretty awesome how far you guys have come. Keep up the great work! And do you guys still have the slingshot?

Julie McGee

Team coby Tyler you win to much I hate it

That guy from Aggretsuko

"The Garden of words" easter egg in "Your name" was awesome.

Ummm Yeah


XxTina_ NguyenxX

Oof i thought this whole video was him dumping u or cheating on u but instead... its way deeper ;-;