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Dacat is cool

For all the people asking for likes, just stop. This is serious and could happen in real life.


Ilove you

Jorge Bastida Urbano

Oh... My... GOD!!! Looks so AWESOME!!!

Mark Mendoza



Serious Sam is the king of secrets


Mr. X following you

derek ung

Where's panda

Kuan Max

Can you guys do a wrestling video and not pro wrestling

Alisa Zulkiflei

my little soul screaming

Siddhartha Rath

film tom brady


Bitch please, its time to play Half-Life 64. Happy?

Brenda Morales

The OB seemed fine to me for someone who asked not to be recorded and was recorded anyway. He wasn’t rude at all, he was just uncomfortable.

Robin Sarver

If that abused chick were in my life, I would've strongly encouraged her to save money to become a skilled martial artist in the future so she won't ever be afraid to stand up to herself anymore in addition to her finding an apartment. As for the old lady with an attitude, she literally reminds me of another rude old lady customer when I was at the Dollar Tree store who gave the cashier a petty attitude over their fair store policies that the owners and managers had created, not the cashier and insisted on blaming the cashier for trying to keep her job. I bad mouthed her and the rude customers I've dealt with working at a grocery store to the cashier as my way of defending and sympathizing her. I hate it when some customers think it's okay to treat cashiers, servers, courtesy clerks, maids, janitors, or anyone else working in any other positions of customer service in minimum wage jobs like absolute scum and expect them to believe that they are beneath customers just because they don't have lucrative careers at the moment. You best believe that if I ever see a customer and/ or a rude manager shouting off at a poor, humiliated, employee to the point of tears right in front of me again, I would seriously and boldly defend the employee, no matter what. Time for some rude, snotty people with their lucrative careers to humble the hell up and get out off their high horses because they may never know that tables could turn for them sooner when least expected.

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@DCshoes35 it does bounce back up, it's just hard to see

N. Justus

I never Aaron Rodgers before and cris paul

DeonErnst Serfontein

Film with John Cena

Charity Gage

Legit got tears in my eyes watching this... I hope it will be worth the hype, as I gave up on Halo after 3.

Hyper First


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.. .

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0:27 fuuuuuuuuu

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Pretty sure Sweeny Todd existed in real life.

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add in the description, if u are venezuelan dont see this video, no despèrdicien la comida please


the thumbnail:

Ano Raps

Cody will not win one 👎🏻


Round 1 0:01 Only Cod Zombies fans will understand

Chinese Jay YouTube

Me: gets pain Wait...Thats illega-

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Utah. I live in Utah.

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When you reach 20,000,000 take off pandas mask.🐼