Rezidentai yay lavau ydomiu xfe loekkl music nzqa music


Rezidentai yay lavau ydomiu xfe loekkl

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Heart attack xD

Ashley Lach

Film with Phillip Reviers

غنام الغنام

كهرباء من تصادم البلورات بالهواء شفت فديو جهاز قد الثلاجه يولد الكهرباء من تصادم البلورات بالهواء الهواء العادي لا زياده لاكن يستفيد مرور الهواء من تصادم البلورات بالهواء ويولد


If she makes a mistake that's fine but if she repeats the same mistake 3 times you can yell at her. Don't let her wear slutty cloths why the fuck would she wear it if she says you're the only person I love? Never ever let her have guy friends don't let her go out to the clubs cuz you know she will get piped by savages and if she let it in she's a whore, I'll tell you what you can do after you find out that she's a whore now follow these steps and you gonna have a great life I'm sure . Now let's just let's say your girl is a slutty and you caught her once making out with guys or flirting you can always slap her hard and that will teach her

Mitchell Scott

What is the name of song at 4:11 ? I searched for it and the ones I found are not the same, I search halo 5 theme but it just comes up with menu music which is different

Luis Medina Perez

The first thing you do if you find a easter egg is knife it xD


1:15, 2:09, 4:39 on we need more like this!


Now this is cool.

aleja Castillo

I fell so stupid


austin freese

check out our two trickshot videos that are really good

Sloth productions

The song sounds like it’s saying “No lemons! No lemons!”

Im Schlick

craig boutta blow up finally


I got multiple sclerosis like the mom and I gotta take a shot 3 times a week but im used to it now

Erik Matheis Flores

Your channel is the Dark Souls of easter eggs channels

Johnny Mora

Been waiting for this video lol

Pieterjan Willems

cool thanks the gost was scary