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Regreso a ti

Micheal Bianchi

Cats:meowDogs:woofDude Perfect: YEAHHHH!!!!

Lucario Life

Nobody:Tyler: 1:56

Jared Morrow


Gaming Column

When ty didnt have much of a beardRip

cypher sabston

6:54 I wish they were in HD to my friend


I knew about the Farquaad one but never really thought that it sounded like "fuckwad" until I watched this video.

Nate kielb

Best videos n/a xD always enjoy watching


How do you find easter eggs?

Bust Down, Your Mom's A Tortilla

Your friendly, Guardian Angel here to yeet you out of that domestic violent relationship.

Phineas Carter

Do the same thing on this vid but with Patrick Mahomes

Twenty Øne Septipliers

i might as well snap hscksnxns why is she so rEcKleSs wOW


WTF.... Nuketown is an inspiration from a scene in Indiana Jones. Biggest easter egg ever

rebecca chavez

oh I saw the mortal kombat one I was playing it with my 2 brothers and my cousin Fabian(all under 13 years of age) and that thing came up. it was FUNNY!!!! THEY SCREAMD SO LOUD!!!!!!

Leo Jackson

odells brother is landry i love odell i can odell to


aha he got me thinkin its my bday, oh wait it was my bday

Sorrow In A Can


Federico Lops

Who is the panda?

stand off fps

I want the Michael Jordan

Emma Apanasewicz

i love you.

Sky Queen

For any girls getting bullied by boys they don’t even know how much disrespect they are showing to someone who is carrying on a family name to the next generation


dem boots doe

Gurl its not a bikini if its a one piece 😂😂😂

Juicy Carrot

This video makes no sense. It sounds so dumb. Wth is even happening?

c philly20

good job to the people who made this video anxiety is no joke for some it's terrifying with sensations that the anxiety symptoms are controlling your life which can be frustrating i know these symptoms all to well and struggled greatly at one time but you can beat it over time you learn to cope better with anxiety and get to a point where it doesn't affect you the formula for a quick solution is not internalize just stop thinking whenever you feel anxiety or a panic attack coming on just remind yourself that you will be ok and then just stop your thoughts dead in their tracks if you can master that technique than you can dictate how much anxiety and panic attacks will affect you


If it's as massive as breath of the wild I'll pass, I never came close to completing that game....too much content