I took my best attempt at recreating Liza's musically!! It was a very sad and cringey attempt at best! Enjoy!CHECKOUT OUT GABBIES MUSICALLY RECREATING VIDEO SHE DOING A SEIRES: lizas channels:Main channel: channel:main channel: @DavidDobrikInstagram: @DavidDobrikSnapchat: @DavidDobrikVine: @DavidDobrikMusically: @DavidDobrik

Rodrigo Barreto

a nice video spoiled by this horrendous music.

Robert Saenz

Who wa

Jamie D'Souza

Sorry 2018

Elmoz Savage World

Now I just want McDonald’s

gaming with Karen and Val

This is so sad Im so sorry for her I had a bit of some tears in my eyes im very sad for your loss Im sure he will be watching you every day in ur life just remember one day both of you will be together in a kingdom of heaven! Dont worry you will be with him! Trust me <3

also you have a very handsome voice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Imagine how much balls 🏀 they had to bring to the top of the building

Catsooy SilverStar

I mean my older sister has a disease? Virus? Called Mono, (I think that’s how you spell it) a lifetime condition, it stays dormant most of the time, but when it isn’t, she stays sick for 4-6 months, she feels fatigued, she can’t go outside, etc. (I don’t remember) Here’s The Thing my sister LOVES going out with her friends and being out of the house, But Mono restricts her from that, (Dont worry, she isn’t depressed or anything) and my family and I cannot share ANYTHING that she has drinkin from Or any food she’s eaten, other wise we could be at risk of getting it.



Anna: “I won’t let anything happen to her”Elsa: immediately has something happen to her


this awesome editing. oh man, what 4 years can do

Manijaci 191

I live in Serbia

Savannah Smiles

Wtf is she talking abt and what is going on

Songs With Added Pew Pew

I'd hate to think how sticky they were after that

The Comedy Equations

2k19 anyone

Sydney Smith

Cleveland Browns!!!!! We'll do something sometime eventually....

the c.f.a.

Why is the Like/Dislike count disabled?

M. S. Vel Muthuraj

Coby cory drawing is correct

Diane Peluso

Glazed lip ammo👄🌟


"Ehy man, don't you think this is a nice place to put an Easter Egg?"

Corpus Carlo Corvera

I feel bad for the unicorn ):

Scott Mcpherson

The wheels on the bus go up and down, up and down, the wheels on the bus go up and down up and down, up and down, the wheels on the bus go up and down up and down

Pedro Diaz


Diamond Minds Challenges and Vlogs

I’m the lightest in my class and is very small and I’m ten going to eleven and I way 63 pounds so your not over weight

Kawaiii Cherry

Is that a world record

La Samir

Type in the search mryolo there are 2 mryolo

G Money Ribs

Why do they always overreact

Original Name

Avenger's theme starts playing

Corlu Tekirdağ


The new Generation

The barrel bowl bomb did not even go through that hoop


Whats witht the rat and why rat XD

joy :3

Wait what... OOOHH THIS IS AN INFORMATIVE VIDEO WTF!! xD I didnt even realize!!!


It's easy to say that you should cut down on meat

Ed Gill



Why did Adele cross the road? 🏃👸To say hello from the other sideI know it was bad😞 But at least I can say I tried😏(Sorry for any mistakes this was typed on a dell computer)A DELL

Jesica Aden

This is love But for me the glasses are a bit 'lame' XD

Pinky Pie

I get it. I feel guilty for feeling sad all the time, ungrateful for the fortunate life I've been given when there are stories like yours and your family. But you do are very brave and kind-hearted. I think you're amazing for whats worth.

susan gomez

o m g

natalie estrada

OMG I LOVE this I want to see this SO bad! Well, i'll have to wait until November.

My Knee Grows

Tyler = a god