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Mahmoud Helal

The moment I saw the Haircut I knew he was Kim Jun In 김 춘 ㅗㄴ(I do not know if I wrote it right or wrong but please tell me)

Smell Force

Very cool


TTVShadow Killer

Rip coby

Cloie Sands

U guys do the best trick shots

the last Jedi

I m sure feminist will find something out and call it oppression by patriarchy even from this video.

sfv 818

I grew up having anxiety and has gotten worse as i get older i worry how i look if people are critizing me ,about my voice or if i said the wrong thing i get scared easily and have tension on my back i usually avoid people cause iam afraid of having conversation and say something wrong


Keep up the great work :)

3.Press 9.

Giorgi Vacharadze

why ty have +2?

Tyler Thunder

Good vie true story BDP is bad. But there is one thing I don't like she said 45 days left until my childhood is over its wrong to calls teens children and 18 is not the start of adulthood the law has brainwashed people you don't become smart or mature at 18 it depends on the person that number is a evil beyond overused number!


I have actually never played this game nor looked at many video tough would really like to try it out. I really like this types of game.

Elliot Dowse


Kyle Kolebuck

@chewthatcopenhagen its because hes too good :P lol

You got it, girl, you got it (Got it) I just finished re-watching "The Blues Brothers". I realized that there is a line of them says when driving through the mall; "Look, Haircuts and Disco pants". L4D2 References this line by including a sign reading "Haircuts and Disco pants" in the mall. Have you seen or taken mention of this easteregg yet?




This will get a lot of views lol

jey nero

Amazing dude perpect

Damien Spies

OMG I love the princess Bride I totally gotta watch that again

Gets nike ads