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¿Porque💔🎶? - letra_ Eldo VR

Ed uit Monster

You can find all the payday masks in that map not only 2

Elliot gaming 304 L

Hey do you dude perfect what’s up you are the best channel ever you are is a big trick shots and I like it

To Lose Or Not To Lose

Awww such a handsome boy! Happy Birthday Marbles! And the tongue..I can't even, he is so precious ❤

Nicole Willis

You're being mean to Coby

Mikayla Mouser

I’m mikayla... sksksk

logan rae

team suicide squad

Luca Orlandi


chrln.mtchl _

Omaigad i love this story!😍btw im from Sabah😂lele i am your fans😍😛

Xx kiwi Gamer xX

Cermit rubbed nasty on you

Bertille Martin

i cried...😭this is horrible...

Safia Haiboub

Is Elsa like immune to hypothermia or something?

Pie Crust

did you see the guy in the water item at 6:05

Mama:Y como es?

Story of my Life

I started crying no joke, I am so sorry for your loss. ❤️❤️

Julieanne Thompson

My name is Julieanne

Nabila Syeda


I have wrote several letters cause explaining out loud is hard for me. I fee like the letters aren't taken seriously. In them I explained when I started feeling like this and how it snowballed I gave a few examples when I was needlessly upset. I told how I wouldn't eat for extended periods of times, about myself harm, and my suicidal thoughts. The respons I was given was to sleep better. I trashed my room and in a fit of anger she took me to the hospital to scare me saying they would lock me up. I honsetly didn't care if they did or didn't I just wanted to stop feeling like this


Este negro no canta ni mierda que asco

Butt? Nakey.

TS Productions

Every body wearing gray or blackthen there’s the purple hoser

Jack Miller

Put it under water

Noah Thornton

That looks like so much fun.

Lh Zayn

Well I first had a crush when I was 5 years old and I still have feelings for the same guy and I'm 19 now. He moved to study in California and I'm still in tunisia so it's not that impossible to full in love in a young age

Angel Menjivar

I hope a new video is coming soon senpai <3

Stacey Corley


Denis Kasaivanov

dont be racist. -_-

Nick Seedenburg

u will find more cookies....................in BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$@%^&

W A V E Y . . . R E D

WTF man how many time does this take you are the best :D 

Respect your bo

Lucija Herman

Done ❤


it is not an m it is a w for wumbo


0_O FEAR 2

I AM Zlatan

3:15 embarassing😂😂


Antoinette Jordan

I know whats it's like to have anxiety I've had it my entire life i know how this girl feels

actionpacktion99's 2nd channel

Jonny manzel SUCKS