Happy Instrumental Music for Kids in the Classroom ♫ Relaxing Music for Children, Toddlers, Kids music axomlive.com music


Happy Instrumental Music for Kids in the Classroom ♫ Relaxing Music for Children, Toddlers, Kids

1 Hour of some of the best happy background music for kids, children, toddlers and babies. Instrumental music for kids in the classroom to relax and learn. Relaxing music for children relaxation, concentration, learning...Thank you so much for watching this video by Relax your Baby channel. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share it and Subscribe :)Musica and songs by EpidemicSounds.com

muz nusrath

5:54 the girl's hand is in her mom's shirt. lol

Husain Tawa

Please do tennis trick shots next

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Parents everywhere: okay girls I think we can finally keep your princess Elsa dress-Disney: Hold my ice chocolate milkshake.

Henk Janssen

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Jack Dowling

Who else getting rocket league vibes

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Camilo II Garcia


Old School

So heart warming... 😨😉

Xx_Alisha_xX X

Hold up. Hold up. This got dark hella fast. I thought they broke up, I am so confused rn.

Hannah Is A Bored Art Girl :3

That was cute!


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Racing Cars

Coby and Tyler are the best

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There was only like 6 trickshots

Lander Lasaten

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Nate Spiess

Whats the song called


Doesn't tell her mom but tells YouTube


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Ola Hawk

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Why don't you do the gaming in overtime

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Babda Lapar

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Morena Pilar Baigorria

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Drunk Sausage

How much tries did Alvaro need?Be honest XD

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