Thalia, Pedro Capó - Estoy Enamorado music music


Thalia, Pedro Capó - Estoy Enamorado

Vídeo oficial de ThalÍa de su tema 'Estoy Enamorado'. Haz clic aquí para escuchar a ThalÍa en Spotify: en Primera Fila. Haz clic aquí para comprar el track o el álbum en iTunes: Play: de ThalÍaPor Lo Que Reste De Vida: Parecía Amor: O Déjame: aquí para escuchar más vídeos de buen Divas Latino.Sigue a ThalÍaFacebook: al canal de ThalÍa en YouTube: Quiero beber los besos de tu boca, como si fueran gotas de rocíoY ahí en el aire dibujar tu nombre junto con el mío. Quiero un acorde dulce y entrar hacia locuras en tus sentimientosy en el sutil abrazo de la noche sepas lo que sientoEstoy enamorado, y tu amor me hace grande eh y ehEstoy enamorado, y que bien, que bien me hace amarte"

Ethan Wingrove TV

i saw dj khaled's name in the video guru!

Syon Cheung

5:08 Nothing to see here! Just for fun to watch here for me!

james King


Perfect perfect perfect



Haree Bawlz

Pacific rim anyone?

who dis

the music sounded like spirted away

Eden Cohen

team cory

It's really PERFECT

Capo Dinero

Haha he said I'm 2 beast for y'all lol

Snake Juice

Guru i've found the pizza planet truck in the video game of the incredibles

Chi Chi Mullenix

Yo the timing was perfect on the 15 flip one 👌 | For how many flips should Cory do | \/

Amps Gaming and Football

This isnt him taking pleasure in pain, it is the heat of the moment when his suit just got wrecked, as it probably cost a fair bit and he looked smart before. Seriously, i understand you were hurt, but that video is not what the title suggested.


When she started I was thinking of my crush on how that always happenes then she brings up my crushes name ALEX I GOT SISTER SPOOKED

Angel Rojas

Praying for that family who lost someone. This is fucked.

Genesis 50:20

Nikola Maksic

No Pls aster eggs :(

Bexter ollie

He actually got 30 million not 300 from zip2

Kaitlyn Sloan

In my opinion this is just dumb. "Oh no, a curious teen grabbed my butt. Boo hoo I feel so violated." God people these days, too damn over reactive.

Sam Lewis

Battlefield and Dead Space share a universe? Nice. I hope to see necromorphs in the next Battlefield, and screaming 12 year olds in the next Dead Space. (Scary stuff.)

Gaudy Gotti

CRAZY & CREEPY AF.... but like in a really good way❤


Shannon Ellis

Plot twist: the person who bullied me is my friend now

Ranjita Rai


BigMac N Cheez

Steph has been doing his job. He proved that when he dropped 47 and lost. Toronto is just a deep team unlike gs

Waylinn Richards

I like your style

ITs Harmony

I’m so grateful my nan stopped smoking😔 This is so sad


@ballerbench shut up its still crazy

Ibrahim El-awad

I am watching in 2018 but the first time I watched it is when It came out

Nova Wolf

Film with Cam newton!