IL DIVO EN ESPAÑOL EXITOS Grandes Canciones - IL Divo Sus Mejores Exitos music wme music


IL DIVO EN ESPAÑOL EXITOS Grandes Canciones - IL Divo Sus Mejores Exitos

Cecile Llera

Yes that’s how you do it!!!!


I miss Screenwipe, Newswipe and the yearly wipe.

Train fan 24444

You guys should do a soccer stenoreotypes


How do people still swim in this beach??


For a channel called "Dude Perfect", you guys sure choose the sissiest music.


so you're in the boys contacts huh? Lucky you

React to Aurelio Voltaire, react to Aurelio Voltaire, react to Aurelio Voltaire

SeanxKenshin Samurai Brotha

Heh..guess I am an introvert lel cause everytime I'm in a party and my family/friends leave me alone I will be like this xD

الجلاد احمد

في عرب البتقرء تعليقي عطني لايك ازا كنت عربي

Btw Keanu Reeves FUCK YES

Hawo Hassan


Emma-Lee Hogan

Do Hockey trick shots!

You sound like the narrator from a series of unfortunate events (the film). Thats a good thing, keep doing what you're down, you're videos are great.

Kaifak Shaikh

What your chiting

Emma Sports

Film with baker mayfield

mia rose

okay my sister has endometriosis and it took her seven years to get diagnosed. but this girl got diagnosed in like a day?????? bruh

Dan Newman

no that's just depression honey


Он человека -муравья играл о май гад аааааа


No god no go please no no noooooooo


My friend and cousin: power button pusher, the rage monsterMy sister: create a characterMe: phone player


Satan wow obvious enough. Snakes, yaweh necklace, girls with bodies and no soul/heart, being black like your heart and I'm sure a crappy song, can't listen to it. When will you learn

Cx Fadez

when he killed bigfoot it said 6 years in the making.Gta san andreas was made in 2004.This was mad in 2010.

The crow


Smitty Smith

I am Canadian, so most definitely cheering on the raptors ....but my heart goes out to Durant , his team and his fans and fans of the team to see him go off like that's hoping he isn't going to suffer worse.


They didn't interview andre iguodala


im the super fan and obnoxius laugher and my friend is a seat saver


hey i have same when i get math test which i cant write at this momment im seeing words and numbers :D :: DD (This iS my first joke in internet i think you like it )

Juan Pablo Gamboa

hola yo soy JP

Spider Doom

HI I play baseball and I am the best on my team I have two grand slams

Montavian Hayes

They sampled my nigga che ecru shit.. this a good song bt Che ecru is way better.

Theresa Jo

I am so incredibly excited for you guys but seriously PLEASE get a new OB! I love you guys!

Rachel Johnston

Listen, I know not many people will see this comment, but anyone who does, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop with the "jokes" like 'My dad is still getting milk, he'll be back any minute' because it really hurts me that people are making fun of divorce! My dad also is alcoholic, and he used to hurt my mum badly. We quickly moved as far away as possible and there were many trips to court. I am still scared, and I HATE those types of comments!!

LeeRoy Laughton

Honestly! Please tell us how many shots you had at the longest shot ever? ✌🏼

Post Malone

Julio Jones or Matt Ryan


U didn’t help him cheat ..u were just confused and didn’t know what to do . He new what he was doin so his a fake azz friend


How do you find all these easter eggs, do you find them while playing the game, on internet or in the games' codes?

A.C Clemont

When it started with "This is the story-"

Itz_MuffinTime :3

I love this Chanel

Ateez is Everywhere

the gap is getting closer guys please don't forget to vote every day

Pam Gramster

Lol I listened to the song hat trick before this video

Sea Lily

Anxiety never really goes away. Its learning to choose whether to listen it or not.

Outcast Millennials

which one of you pays for this?

Taejah Jones

do you think that Jerry Riceis way then Cody

Tyler Ferreira


Fan of Simon Pegg

A callback to Chex Quest was the last thing I was expecting to see in something like Strafe.

Andrea Sardo

Coby 🏆🥇Yyler🥉


Christian Calso

Next thing to watch out for when rewatching Inside-Out:

yes indeed

Another chill and awesome video dude. Keep up the awesome work!