Así se viven los domingos en Chihuahua con Musical Milagro 🎶🕺💃 music tcc music


Así se viven los domingos en Chihuahua con Musical Milagro 🎶🕺💃

doug bagshaw

Doug's daughter Cheyenne here. Go Tyler!

R Brown

Best rage monster yet, I was literally in tears for 5 minutes straight

If he dies muy soon :(

Tin Jin rong

I’m like Tyler yes 1st but after I came back for a drink in the kitchen I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Joshua Thompson

Hole in one

Zavien Franklin

Doug sounds crazy...

Fred schoenmaker

Do in 2019 and 2020

Sara Army


aayan Ahmed

Hahaha cory

Joseph Lopez

What’s a lunatic lush

Just a Normal scout

Me: sees the pug scene

i cant wait for the End games

4:01 OML I just realized I have the same necklace!!! It's the infinity stones!!! Btw I've seen endgame I'm just too lazy to change my username XD

Ally Malek

22 31

Jeanette McLean



HUGE thanks for the success of my last video, It really meant a lot especially the number of comments and likes I received. Will be back to making more Top 10 lists in the future but after I get some more episodes of this series created.


absolutely great, do they fake that?


I honestly think guru should have more subscribers and is amazing